BJP must be proactive aggressive on congress


So why Hindu’s cannot be united now. It is high time that the nationalist and patriotic forces should get united and start from scratch for unification of all Hindus into one strong group and bargain with the political parties for favors as Muslims and Christians are bargaining with congress for votes and congress is giving in to their pressures. If we have to remain as a Secular state we have to bring all the nationalist forces to fore and make them understand the ensuing perils. We need not work under hand and under table. we have to work over the tables and fight with the atrocities of govt on Hindus as Gandhijee had fought with British to bring freedom. Peaceful and non violent agitation is the only method which can bring us our goal. The prejudiced and purchased media can be brought to grounds. The way Gandhijee forced the foreigners to fled from India, we have to show the same zeal and strength as shown by Gandhijee to force all these foreigners who had entered the media by FDI route to capture the Indian media and play with india.
We , are now facing the same situation, where in a weak govt in India had allowed all the foreigners to capture India by fraudulent means as British had done to moguls .Now If all the Indians would not raise their heads and bring a strong govt then it would too late after the deluge strike us.Our future is dark and unthinkable.
Now Media houses of India should not call themselves free press as they are sold to foreigners under FDI and majority of the shares are with the foreign partners which comprises of church and Muslim countries. Almost all the media houses are governed by the foreigners who are mainly Christians and muslims.Almost all the TV news channel are spreading hatred against Hindus and are propagating Christianity and Islamic. These channels are under the majority partners of the church and maszid So all the Hindus organizations and media houses should start their own free news channel and foil the conspiracies by church and maszid media. Prejudiced and biased media can play havoc with democracy is the latest examples in India.Can the govt publish the share holdings in these news channels from FDI and investments by foreigners, Churches, Islamic countries? There is a sinister design in purchasing the media houses by the foreign investors in India.These media houses has played a major role in condemning the Hindu organizations like RSS,VHP,Bajarangdal,Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram,and most importantly BJP.In 2004 and 2009 BJP had lost the election by the vicious campaign by the media houses who had played the same lies and untruths several times daily.Now a day’s TV is the best media to influence the voters. The News channel by TVTODAY,AAJTAK,HT, CNN, NDTV and Times now has played a major role in ousting the NDA govt by their Goebbels propaganda. But the fall of Goebbels and Hitler should be known to them.Now the time has come for these Hindu organizations to start their own news channels to show the truth to the Indian voters and awaken them from their deep slumber. Now the TV media is of prime importance for congress that is feeding with all kinds of help for praising the UPA govt and Congress in particular and condemn all the other parties and preferably BJP.In south almost all the political parties and leaders have their own news channels. They are showing their parties work and also refute the lies of their competitive channels. If BJP,RSS,VHP and all other Hindu organizations would not start their own news channel very soon then the same news channels who had defeated them in 2004 and 2009 would again defeat them by spreading lies and untruths in 2014 election.The TEHLKA is a group of some unscrupulous people who are fed by congress and they are spreading the message of congress and soiling the image of journalism .It is a matter of high regret that Media which is the fourth pillar of democracy can go to so low as to sold itself and its conscience for some money and work for a particular party, organization and people. If the right to speech is their weapon then all of us a have a weapon of non violence agitation against such groups and organization and media houses. If Gandhijee can force the Britishers to leave India by his non – violent agitation we can also drove these foreigners from our media houses by our non-violent agitations,dharna,strikes,bandhs,gherao.We need not be so much aggressive to go and show highhandedness to the media houses like TV today and all other media houses who are spearheading the campaign of falsehood and constructed news. We can show them our strength by gherao their offices all over the country, sit in dharna before their offices. The agitation should not be violent in any manner. Peaceful agitation can conquer their hearts also.Now all our RSS, BJP and VHP leaders should prepare themselves for fighting legal battle with these media houses. All the nationalist and patriotic people should file cases against these media houses for spreading hatred among all the communities, breach of peace and tranquility. The RTI should be used to know the share holdings In all these media houses from the registrar of companies.BJP should start a nation wide agitation for awakening of all the patriotic forces and nationalists people. If the media houses would abuse its freedom and rights it would met the same fate that Hitler had met. Spreading of falsehood by a democratic institution is a crime against humanity.


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