are hindus cowards and passive?


Hinduism is not a religion but a culture and way of life as all our eminent journalist and Editors tells is the fourth largest religion in world. 1.CHRISTIAN,2.ISLAM,3.BUDDHISM,4.HINDU.

Hindus are in majority in India and Nepal. India was a Hindu state before the constitution was amended by the congress to insert SECULARISM into the constitution. Nepal was a Hindu state when their king was the ruler and it becomes a SECULAR STATE after the Maoists takeover.

Hindus never believes in conversion of people of other faith. But In India all other faith or religion are busy in converting the people from other faith but Hindus leaders and preachers never get down to that business. They are simply busy in giving discourse and earn huge money and establishing their air-conditions Ashrams leading a luxurious life and doing business in selling medicines,literatures,books and CDs. They are flying in own aero planes and Helicopters.If they would have reached to every nook and corners of India with a message that Hinduism is in peril and save it then the govt would not have dared to take actions on Hindus organizations in fake cases.Now this govt want to put Narendra Modi and Advani in jails, but failing in its duty to hang a Muslim terrorist who had masterminded attack on parliament since so many years .Is not the case shows the true intentions of our so called secular govt in which the majority are Hindus.

When the British left India in 1947 they have set one condition before the leadership that they have to accept partition of India on religion line and our leaders accepted that condition to get freedom from the chains of British. At that time Britain PM MR. ATTLEE WAS in favour of granting freedom to India. Lord Mountbatten, the then Governor General of India told Nehru that he should accept the condition although Gandhijee was strongly against partition on religion lines as Mr. Attlee had agreed and if Mr. Churchill would become PM once again they would not get the freedom and Nehru agreed to partition as briefed by Mountbatten. The whole fault is of Nehru who was manipulated by the Governor General.

Now we all the people of India and Pakistan are suffering due to blunders of Nehru. He had also worsened the situation of Kashmir by going to UNSC when the Pakistan forces attacked Kashmir and our forces are ousting the from our land. Now both India and Pakistan are bitter enemies in all respects. They had fought several wars in the last 63 years of freedom. Although the general people of India and Pakistan are as close as long lost brothers but the political leadership had never reconciled to the facts of their friendship.Pakistan has seen democracy for a small period and that is also under the shadow of their military leadership. Now also the democracy and govt in Pakistan is fake and the showing of a parliamentary form of govt is a facade. Everything in Pakistan runs on whims and fancies of the Military chiefs. It is a true fact that General Kayani is ruling Pakistan by proxy. Pakistan army never want that both the country remain in peace with friendship and tranquility. It would not serve their purpose of extracting maximum mileage from USA and UK.

In Our country we have got two national parties who have some presence in states and centre. One is Congress and other is BJP.Now congress is ruling our country with a fractured mandate with the help of some state based parties like DMK,NCP,TMC and BSP. It has not having a simple majority of its own and it has stitched up a coalition govt which is pulling it in all sides and preventing it from taking strong and visible actions for good governance. At the time of NDA rule the BJP was the major partner but it was the coalition which also prevented the party to take any visible action.

The country is suffering the pain of terrorism,naxalism,Maoism only due to such fractured mandate by voters.If they would have given a strong mandate to any of the two parties the country would not have put to such dilemma. Now the govt is not able to take any action as it is highly incapacitate by their coalition partners who do not want to take actions on TERRORISM,NAXALISM and Maoism for the compulsions of vote bank.

But when it is in the case of any such actions by any group or individual from majority community the secular govt never fails to take actions as it would serve its purpose of consolidation of minority vote bank in its favour. The minorities are putting whole lot of pressures on the govt by threat that if it would not take actions be it fake or fraudulent on majority community, they would not going to vote them in any state or central election’s govt is taking actions fabricating fake evidence with the help of pliable CBI,Police and intelligence.

MALEGAON, AJMER, HYDERABAD ,SAMJHOUTA EXPRESS blasts now are being dangling before the RSS and many such Hindu organizations by the Christian govt centre and muslim govts in congress ruled states.I wondered why pak fm Mr.Qureshi did not took the names of advani,balasaheb and rss chief when a journo asked about 26/22 case and hate speech by Hafez qureshi and instead put the blame on home secy of India.

When HT and AAJTAK had shown a manipulated and constructed sting operation on RSS leaders for their involvement in bomb blasts it is proved that media has been in the hands of the foreigners who had a majority stock holding in these media houses. It is quite unbelievable that RSS leaders can be so novices and idiots who would utter the words as shown in the sting CD .The former MP cannot be a fool and idiot to agree to any such interview to any unknown journo .All these stings are frauds, fake , fabricated and constructed by the HT.Moreover whatever be the people’s anger on the govt’s policy of appeasement and weakness of the govt to take actions on criminals of Muslim community and letting them free as they have done in pune case and Mumbai case, Hindus can never be vindictive, revengeful and aggressive. They are passionate, lousy and patient. All these cases instituted against Hindus are fake,frauds,fabricated and constructed by the Christian govt only to please their masters .We have history of thousands of years wherein Hindus were betrayed by their own for which they were ruled by foreigners for thousands of years, only due to lack of unity and nationalism among them. Now all these rulers,officers,police and judges who are fabricating such cases are own brothers but they are working under duress from their masters at centre and they cannot be blamed as we have dug our own grave by putting them in Indian throne. If Hindus would not raise their voice now and in future their future is doomed and perilous. We are passing through a calamity period and perils are just visualised.

If the calamity would strike us it is our doing and we should not blame others when we have blundered to have brought such govt to power in 2004 and 2009.We should not blame the media as it is working on the orders of the Christian govt and its foreign masters/fund managers.


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