stop abusing indian judiciary


If congress believes that Sohrabuddin and Ishrat Johan are innocent then it should raise the issue in Gujarat election and condemn the BJP and its ministers but by witch hunting through massive mobilization of NGO’s, Advocates and CBI it cannot change the hearts of people. It would lose all these sympathy of people of India, how cruel and strong its actions may be against the Gujarat CM and his ministers, it would backfire on him. In the last 10 years the centre and UPA govt may have seen that no other state is as peaceful as Gujarat. It is its heartburn seeing the developmental works in Gujarat and also the peace & tranquility prevailing in that state. It has pushed hard all the machineries of central govt against the Gujarat Govt, CM and his ministers and trying hard to implicate them in false and concocted cases. Will it answer? If the same terrorist groups who were in Ahmadabad in a Indica car in which Ishrat Jahan and Pillai were traveling with two LET jihadist to kill modi and would have killed him and his ministers, will the UPA govt would have revived their life? So it is evident that the congress govt is hand in gloves with all the terrorists in India to liquidate the Hindus leaders and savior of Hindus. It is a conspiracy by the Muslim and Christian govt which all of us should understand and wake up.This govt is working with a sinister design to make India a slave of USA and any day we would see that we are a colony of USA and our freedom in chains and democracy has been like it is in Pakistan. All those who were killed in Gujarat by its police are anti nationals and they were liquidated by the patriotic govt of Gujarat and saved many Indians from Bomb blast and attacks. If the UPA’s Central Govt has any proof that Mr. Sohrabuddin is not a criminal but an diligent citizen it should come forward with the evidence. Witch hunt of innocents or govt machinery are bad and reactive. It should know that every proactive action has a hardest reaction. Congress party of India behaves like a party of self styled leaders. It has chief who is ruling in dictatorial and ancestral style. The party is of sycophants and bootlickers. Whosoever he may be if any person did not fall in line with the chief he is not accepted anywhere. First it was Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Motilal Nehru, Indira Nehru Gandhi, Rajiv Nehru Gandhi, Sonia Rajiv Gandhi ,Rahul Rajiv Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are descending and ruling congress. This party is working in a dictatorial and autocratic manner and conspiring with the support of huge money power it is trying to demolish all the opposition. Due to the policy of creating all the bottleneck and impediments in the ranks and fields of opposition parties it has demolished them. It is using all its weapon available to finish off its opposition and succeeded like SAMA,DANA,DANDA, & BHEDA.It is abusing the CBI for its nefarious activities. Central bureau of India is now called as the Congress Bureau of India and Corruption Bureau of India. It is not working for the national interest but working as a private army and mercenary of congress party of India with a nefarious design to condemn, finish and liquidate the opposition leaders and the purchased media is helping them in their activities.India is a country of Hindus and they are simply a nonsense, idiot and lazy bloody creatures who can never get united .History tells that all the Muslim invaders have attacked Hindu India several times and ruined It only due to weak rulers in India. They had looted the temples which were abundantly riche and taken away all the wealth to Persia, present day iran,Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is only due to weak and disunited kings and rulers who were fighting among themselves our country was ruled by Muslim rulers who were simply killers .Moguls came and ascended the throne of Delhi and ruled India for 400 years. They have conquered all the Indian rulers of states and made them their slaves. The Hindu rulers had given them their daughters in marriage .It was Akbar who had married a Hindu princess by force. Our great warriors had given their lives. Rani padmini had to commit sati to save herself from the evil intentions of Muslims rulers. Sikhs were tormented by the Muslim rulers. History of India is full of their tyranny and loot. All the Hindu towns were renamed in Muslim names. All the temples were demolished and maszid were constructed on them. In Ayodhya,Kashi and Mathura the grand temples of Hindus were demolished and maszid were constructed on them. Puri Jagannath temple was attacked by the Muslim invaders who ruined and looted it but fortunately the priests had to hide the gods in jungles. The Muslim rulers had tried their all tricks to finish off Hindus and also forcibly converted a large population to islam. At present what we seeing are Hindus converted to Islam by force by the moguls and Muslim rulers.All these were done by Muslim rulers as Hindus of India are patient,submissive,generous,simple,lazy and more explicitly impotents and divided among themselves .But inspite of all the tricks and tyranny the Hindu population increased and at present our population is about 100 crores against the total 120 crores. After British take over India they have drove all the Muslims into Persia. Whatever Muslims remain in India they were subdued and weak.It is fortunate that British had united whole of India that included BURMA,NEPAL,SHRILANKA and Indian borders up to Afghanistan and Iran. All Hindu kings and rulers were saved from Islamic tyranny by British rule. All the temples who remained safe were restored and built. British had made India a united country which is safe for the trade and business all over. There was no restrictions on movement and settlement by the people of any state or town all over India. What has left of India we are seeing now is the creation of British. THOUGH Burma and Shrilanka an Nepal were not with India but they were granted freedom much before. It is due to unification of all the sates under British India we have nothing to worry about creation of a united India of Hindus. Pakistan had got what they wanted of a Muslim majority area, after driving all Hindus from their ancestral villages, with West Pakistan and East Pakistan.But after the partition on religion basis , it was thought that India would be a Hindu country but the nehruvian policy of appeasement to Muslims for vote bank created a great divide between Hindu and Mulsims.Now in every cities and towns you would found a locality wherein only Muslims live and they have been out of reach of law and police. The police had market the areas as Red zones due to proliferation of criminals of all sorts in that particular zone.In UP state Azamgarh is a locality which is the hotbed of all the criminals and don’s of Indian crime under world. Almost all the shooters and dons of underworld are from Azamgarh and its neighboring towns of Muslim locality



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