why we call ourselves hindus?

In Gujarat after the Godhra train burning incident the riot took place and about 900 odd Muslims and 200 odd Hindus were killed. Since then Congress has made it a holy war on Hindus of Gujarat to attack all of them. Muslim calls it as Jihad and Christians call it as their holy war. As Congress chief is a Christian Roman catholic she is spearheading the war as its COAS. The war is between Hindus and infidels of Christianity and Islam. Congress has engaged many NGO’s to harass the CM and his ministers. Although congress has lost two elections after the riot but it is relentlessly waging war on CM and his ministers with the engagement of some communalists NGO’s,Advocates,Jehadis,CBI and central forces. It is to be noted that India had suffered in past as our history shows, by betrayal by Hindus who are boot lickers of Christians and Muslims. We are inviting our peril by supporting such forces who are going tos ell the country to USA.By proclamation of Hindus as liberals and patient congress is harping on the theme to bribe them to betray their own clan. I doubt what the genes of our leaders who are betraying their own clan.I am not defending anybody for any crime he or she might have committed as there is God to punish him or her.But the Govts shouldn’t go for selective leakage of news or planting false hoods in the media only to tarnish any one or party. It would do more arm to him as the people are not idiots and novice. The media may be playing into their hands now but they would turn like chameleons if the opposition come to power next. It is needless to say that congress ah s no absolute majority of 272 seats in LS but it is dependent on parties like DMK,NCP,TMC who are extracting its pounds of flesh every time a calamity strikes.In the developing nations no such politicking goes as their parties are more or less inter-dependent on national matters and priorities.
In USA the two parties like democrats and republicans never accuse their leaders in open. If any person does any crime he is being tried under law and no witch hunt takes place in that country. Likewise in all the European countries all the politicking is transparent and equal.So why congress govt is doing all these witch hunting? It would lead to tit for tat policy by next govt, when BJP or NDA would comes to power in centre in 2014.


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