americans are fools and morons?

Americans have been fooled by
Pakistan since 9/11.When they declined to assist USA in their war on terror
Prez Bush threatened Mush that either he would be for or against USA. So mush
out of fear accepted all conditions of usa but started playing hide and seek
game with usa and bush. Bush did not understand the game .He just allowed mush
to loot usa by billions as aid for his help. Although usa was allowed logistic
support to usa on attack over Afghanistan in 2001 but that is against huge
money. Since then Pakistan is looting USA by falsehood and cheating. They had
assured that they would provide all the terrorists to UA but they fooled
usa.Pak armya nd ISI are fully involved in the terrorists activities all over
world with the usa money.First they driven te Russians from Afghanistan and
later occupied Afghanistan through Taliban chief mullah umer.Mullah umer is now
in Pakistan and enjoying state guest facilities. But America is silent on
him.The Taliban chief is the most crooked man.But ISI and Army helped the umer
and its cadres.When the USA drone skilled some Pakistanis that day the ways
were closed and all the tankers of usa forces were burnt in pakistan.USA should
know that Pakistan is the most dreaded terrorists state in world and iSI is the
most dreaded there is nothing wrong if USA take steps to declare
Pakistan a terrorists state and also get it approved in UNSC.The day would be
the golden day for world peace and last for Pakistani frauds and cheatings.


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