anna hazare has to save his skin

Anna Hazare and Civil society has
only one option left to fight it out in Public. The matter should be brought to
streets and Public domain. It is only public whose support is necessary to pass
the JLP bill.Congress,NCP,TMC.DMK UPA would not get going the bill as they fear
that their corruption would be exposed. Anna should not wait for 15th August for
fasting, but start nationwide agitation/movement all over the country by
protest march by IAC and CS.We lost all hopes on this corrupt govt and our hope
is only people.UPA govt has lost all public support but the constitutional
propriety of 5 years term has kept it in office. But it has lost all public
support and it must be ousted. Anna Hazare is the binding factor for anti
corruption people, but he must be taking political supports from all opposition
parties and non congress parties which would give them credence in passing
their bill in LS.By such rhetoric in open they would not win the war on corruption.
It is not a movement for them or their coterie but for all the people of
India.They must be aware that congress would not allow them to get the JLP bill
passed. They were victimized by the congress givt all along they started the
movement by exposing of bhusans in fake CD,Anna in his home village ,and may
more vendetta measures. Anna Hazare should not be a tool in the hands of people
like Agnivesh, Medha Patkar,Mallika sarabhai
who are agents of congress in the CS.We urge Anna to keep distance from
such characters who are agents of Congress and wants demoralize them and also
frustrate their good intentions.








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