congress days are over

True to
its habit, the Congress party will attempt some drastic actions to regain its
lost credibility. It will unleash vendetta against opposition leaders and
attempt to show that all those arraigned against the Congress are corrupt. It
will create and exploit every opportunity to rake up non-issues to divert
public attention. It may even resort to dividing the electorate on caste,
communal or some other lines to minimize the electoral damage. This may
actually backfire on the Congress party that traditionally has had a wide
appeal across various caste and other groups. Yet, a desperate Congress party
may make some cynical moves to get out of the corruption rut. Attempts to link
activists like Anna Hazare with the RSS are a part of this cynical strategy.

Take my
word: nothing will help restore the present government’s credibility. Let me
explain this from my experience as a poll analyst for two decades. When a
government enjoys public trust, all its actions are generally seen from a
positive perspective. And, when a government is seen to be inherently
untrustworthy, all its actions become suspect. All actions of the Manmohan
Singh government will henceforth be viewed from a negative perspective due to the
credibility crisis that envelopes it.

Manmohan Singh government, despite enjoying a parliamentary majority is a lame
duck government. Whether it lasts the full term or dies a premature death will
depend on its political survival strategies. For sure, in the public mind, it
has already lost its mandate. Its defeat at polls, whenever they are held, is
an inevitability that stares it in its face. GVL Narasimha Rao is a noted
poll analyst





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