congress wud lick dust

Thursday’s lunar eclipse has
adversely affected Congress’ fortunes. At least that is what leading
astrologers like Bejan Daruwalla and Ajai Bhambi say. Daruwalla said Congress’
bad phase, starting with the eclipse, will last for eight years and the party
will fare poorly in the next two general elections. He said Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh, in particular, will find the going difficult. “Uski kundli
mein dum nahin hai (His planetary alignment is not favorable at the moment). He
will suffer from constant dilemma, agony and mental tension,” Daruwalla
said.If Daruwalla is to be believed, Rahul Gandhi will step into Singh’s shoes
by 2012 since the Prime Minister’s “days are numbered”. Although the
eclipse has not had a good impact on his mother’s sign — bad times are in store
for her — Rahul Gandhi seems to have escaped a similar fate. Daruwalla added
that as Prime Minister, Rahul would face major difficulties and warned of
another scandal like Bofors during his tenure. However, Narendra Modi, whose
sun sign Scorpio by the Indian calendar is directly related to the moon, will
rise to “fame and power” and the months of June and July will be
“most rewarding” for him, said Daruwalla. He hastened to add that he
was a politically neutral person and only believed in Ganesha, whose name he
invokes before making every prediction. Bhambi has a similar notion of the
future. “Manmohan and Sonia will earn a bad name and people will reject
them in the next elections.” He claimed that with Taurus in ascendant now,
following the eclipse, disillusionment among all sections of society against
the government would increase. “This will have a serious impact.”
According to him, civil society pressure on the government would intensify.
However, he said that eclipses did not affect individuals. Daruwalla said that
masses were controlled by the moon and that was why the mass movements would
continue. “More Baba Ramdev’s will come up and there will be more
agitation.” The moon is aligned with Saturn now, which Daruwalla said was
the planet of justice. “By 2012, many heads will roll. Anna Hazare will
sit on the chest of the government and beat the drums of justice.


“Daruwalla also made the curious
prediction that Warren Anderson of the Bhopal gas tragedy fame, would either be
extradited to India or would commit suicide by 2012.SUNDAY GUARDIAN






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