anna hazre says

Annajee,we have high respect for you but you are being misled by some of your colleagues who want to destroy your credibility with connivance of congress.They are in league with congress.People like Swami Agnivesh,Mallika Sarabhai,Medha patkar,Arundhati Roy,Teesta shetalwad and Left libs are rogue elements who are highly discredited and have no credibility among people. They are like leeches on IAC who are sucking its blood and mislead you.
Today you said that if any communal element would remain in dais of Baba Ramdev you would not go to the dais. But how can you identify him or her as communal. Are u not communal when u keeps your Hindu identity. If a Hindu can be called as communal we all Hindus of India are communal. What would you do without our support. You know that no Hindu of India is communal.Hindu believes in “sarva Dharma Sama Bhava”.Have you seen that in the dais with baba Ramdev, Maulana and Christian priest were present and giving speech.Baba Ramdev is not communal but adored & loved by all Indians irrespective of relgion,catse,creed race which you lacks.He has more appeal than you as you are not known all over rural india but Baba Ramdev is.You are a phenomena in some urban cities not in small towns.But Baba has a viewers and audience of 100 crores.You may b jealous of him for his popularity but plz don’t mix your movement with jealousy and hatred.We hindus are not communal.We love all Indian of all castes and religions.You wouldnot find so many religions all over world countries except India,Bharat and Hindustan.

But how can you call any one as communal. We know that you are misguided by these very people around you who want that they would make a fool of you and make deal with govt.Govt is cleverly making deal with these people around you but do not know or knowingly keeping your eyes shut. But it is your grave mistake as you would lose your identity credibility and honor you have preserved for so long.If you fall in the eye of people of India you would be nowhere to go except your hamlet. You must have read Mahabharat and geeta.Do your work but don’t expect any result.”Karmanye Vadhika raste Maa faleshu kadachana”.We hope that you would understand our simple request and keep long distance from all these craps mentioned earlier for your own credibility and honour.We hope that you would win the war against corruption but don’t be mislead by the govt which is hell bent on doing a buffoon of you. Your association with Mrs Kiran Bedi Arvind Kejriwal and Justice hegde is welcome but your other two associate are crooks who want to use you and make profits for themselves.Plz donot fell prey to their machinations. You need good advisors and it is my wish that take Kiran Bedi as an advisor and include her in the joint committee in lieu of shantibhusan.


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