annajee,you should not b depressed

Annajee,You must be aware of the vindictive attitude of UPA govt which has put your movement at problem by putting all the impediments through fake CDs,Inquiry reports,land deals,IT notice,Kiran Bedi air fares etcIt is a govt of most corrupt autocrats who want to suppress every one who is fighting against their corruption.Although Congress is 206 seats short of 69 seats for a majority but the parties like SP,BSP,NCP,DMK,TMC are supporting the Congress for loaves of bread.They are also a party to the corruptions by congress.we shouldnot absolve them from their crimes agaisnt nation for supporting a corrupt and autocrat party.If you wouldnot fight jointly with Baba ramdev you would fail.You neednt ask any support from JP RSS but when whole of india is with you why name any 1 of them.But you must ask your conscience why you get aloof of BRD.Your advisors like Agnivesh,Medha patkar mallika sarabhai,teests shetalvad,Santosh Hegde are agents of Congress in JLP.You must reconstitute your core committee and open your voice for the sake of the nation.You need not keep silent any more.It is your time to exhort whole of masses to rise against the autocrat congress.Now one lawyer of congress has filed a Writ agianst you to put you in chains.It is all congress conspircay.You must not be disheartened and slowed down.You must not be depressed.You should come on the centre stage to exhort like Krishna to Arjuna.You are our sarathi on war against the evils of congress.”Yada Yada hi dharmsaya glanir bhavati bharata ,abhyutthhanam adharmsya tadatmanam srujamyaham paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkrutam,dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhamami yuge yuge”.god give you long life to save this nation from missionaries,christiasn and muslims terrorists.



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