SC is saviour to democracy but it shud show its committment

“SC should not work like a UPA agent. The denial of bail to culprits of 2g scam is utterly disgusting. The accused should have been allowed bail by SC as it is the highest court of India and our constitution enshrined every right to the accused in such economical cases. The denial of bail by SC opened up one Pandora ’s Box in which the CBI have to deal in the matter more conversantly. If they would be kept in jail as under trial what would happen? The crime is already done and the accused are in jail for grant of bail. But the question is that if the CBI would not find any full proof case against them and they would be released later can SC returns the agonies heaped on them by keeping them in jail for unlimited time as UT prisoner? The right of an ordinary Indian is infringed/breached upon. The case can go longer, CBI may delay filing of Charge sheet but the accused should not kept in jail. They must have the right to be free as per our constitution. The SC is last remedy for all such cases. The CJI should have intervened in the matter. Let us assume that the CBI cannot prove the case and may be inclined to make the accused as witness of crime, will the SC return their jail term. Lawyers of India cannot fathom being a silent spectator in such matters. The rudiment of law says that until one is proved guilty he is innocent. So the CJI should interfere in the matter and should not keep UT prisoners of such matters which have no bearings on unity and integrity of India and/ or of heinous crimes should be allowed bails.SC may impose some restrictions on such cases but the accused need to be get his her rights.SC need to know that the investigating agencies are not impartial and judicious. They are working under a tyrannical govt which is behaving like an autocrat to punish anyone who is not bending to it or its orders. Also CBI has been used in many cases by the govt for its nefarious designs. In case of Mayavati and Mulayam singh yadav the CBI has not done justice. It is a tool in the hands of Govt to make them subservient for interests of govts by which they are being held as captive for support in LS.Now the role of SC is paramount of importance to security of India and justice of SC.If the SC would not interfere the whole edifice of democracy in India would crumble. The SC must have noticed that the accused are interested to file caveat in courts and also affidavits of more confidential reports of involvement of top channel of leaders of UP but are being suppressed by CBI.So it is the duty of the CBI not to get pressurized or the SC to intervene when it sees that the case is being diverted along vendetta line.UPA govt have destabilised all institutions of governance for its corruptions,misgovernance and vendetta.It is not a democracy any more as all the works of UPA govt shows bias in all matters.It is using many people and also taking revenge on many peoples.The SC should not have fallen prey to the machinations of this Govt.It is using CBI for cases against Narendra Modi,Hindus patriots,Sadhus and Sadhvis in Malegaon, Samjhuata blast cases as per directions of UPA Govt.SC should fix time for filing of Charge sheet or else release the culprit on bail.In Malegaon case many Hindus sadhus and Sadhvi are arrested but they are not getting bails till date as the CBI ATS failed to file CS or delaying it to keep them in jails.So is this a democratic country wherein if any govt go berserk can put any one in jail by trumped up charges and conspired constructed cases?We are highly expectant of justice by SC and can pray for true justice.”


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