Pakistan should have emotional attachment not only on IOK POK but
also all over India as 20 crores of Muslims are living with peace in India.
There is no discrimination as they have done to Hindus in that country. Muslims
are enjoying freedom with full fervor in India. Virtually they are ruler of
country by their vote bank shrewdly consolidated and a push pull mechanism. Now
all over India they are having a super class treatment. Muslims of our Kashmir
is enjoying Indian democracy with full help and subsidy. There is everything
plenty for them.india govt is spending billions for their upkeep and to make
them remain with India although the Muslims of Kashmir had forced 10 million
Hindus to fled Kashmir since 1989.But they are no longer Indian but refugee in
india.hail kashmir, hail pakistan.we are proud that Pakistan wants to take over
our Kashmir donated by soniamaino under an underhand dealing with interlocutors
in Kashmir issue.But when we would go to Pakistan again we would take over
whole Pakistan under Indian union.


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