People who lives in Ivory
towers got blank in elections. If the money could buy votes all the corporate
honchos may have been in LS.Why they go to RS by paying 30 to 40 crores to
parties who gave them votes.People want action and if any party could not
provide basic necessities to people they would withdraw their authority to
them.If India would have been a autocratic form of Govt congress would not have
been defeated so many times. Still it is in a fool’s paradise. The way it has
behaved in the last 7 years and also now doing pretty little for poor but huge
for riches Indira Gandhi’s 21 point programmes would be nothing.The Poor are
not so poor now and also not so idiots as Congress thinks. If a Bihar and TN
can do it all other states can also do it to remove Congress with a broom.
Assam is nothing in comparison to all India phenomena which Congress are citing
in each and every column.In Assam there is a vacuum in Opposition parties and
the coalition between AGP and BJP was not done which made them redundant. But
TN and Pondicherry shows the way.In Kerala the win by Congress is nothing
spectacular as they are proud of.In WB the win is of TMC not of Congress. If it
would have fought single handedly it would have been wiped out.It was a
negative vote against CPM and left parties and any party which shows it self as
a alternative get the mandate. But it is written all over India on walls that
congress has lost the confidence of voters by its unethical and corrupt ways.It’s
autocratic arrogant and over confident mindset would drown it.The way Sonia
Gandhi playing with the sentiments of Voters of india she is bound to fail
next.BJP is waiting for an opportune moment when it would strike back with full
force on Congress and its policies of corruption,anti hindu,anti Indian
pro-pakistani stands.


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