under British was partitioned along religion lines and Pakistan was created out
of India and all the Muslims were told to migrate to their homeland and all Hindus
were told to migrate to Hindu India and in that migration communal holocaust
erupted killing millions of Hindus and their property looted by the barbaric Muslim
killers, hindu women were raped and kidnapped, children and kids were brutally
killed on swords and arrows. But India was made as a secular nation only for
the majority of Muslims left thereafter in India who preferred to remain India’s
where does Hindus abdicated their responsibility .they had helped all Muslim brethrens
by benevolence and affection.muslims of Hindu India were never treated as 2nd
class citizen in India by people.The govt has also accepted all their demands
of creating their separate Muslim personal law, aligarh Muslim university and
all their mosques and prayer halls were given all due respect and love. But in Pakistan
the Hindus were treated as 3rd class citizens, their temples destroyed and burnt,
their property encroached forcibly,govt kept silent seeing all the insults and humiliations.
So the Indian Muslims of 20 crores need not fear as the Hindus are benevolent
and friendly if they would remain friendly, if they did go against them then
the fire of volcanoes would erupt again.






  1. Muslims must come to mainstream from their self imposed exile. They must remove congress and all other parties who champion their causes only on speech but done nothing for muslims.They had made Muslims as sacrificial goat in last 64 years of partition. Still they uses them as vote banks but never cared to do anything for them. Duration of 74 years is not a joke or small time to achieve any goal if they would have initiated any fruitful action. They must be prepared to assimilate with Hindus who have accepted them as their brothers in development. No Muslims country had allowed so many facilities to Hindus in their country as a Hindu majority India has done so with the minority muslims.TV Films Theatre has maximum of Muslim faith actors and actresses. Our army is secular where Muslims and Christians get the same rank and file as of a Hindu. In administration they are in high pedestals. In education sectors they also created their name and fame by their highest quality. But still they think that they are minorities. If one thinks itself as negative they would remain negative. They need to get out of their shells and became partners in progress in India. Their motherland is India and they can’t go elsewhere and India also could not remain as a country without them. But they must have to abandon their negative attitude and relinquish vote bank mentality. They must come out of their self imposed exile and built a new India. If Muslims would think themselves as citizens of India they would progress and develop. They must have to remove their negative mentality and root out their low confidence. In many cases a few youths from Muslims clan get brainwashed by the propaganda by Pakistan ISI and Dawood to wage war on India and kill innocents but they should think that they are doing more harm to their clan and religion. They are doing harm to India who has given them all and everything. It is their foremost duty to come out of their cocoons and built a super power India. Many Muslims were presidents of India in past like F.A.Ahmed,Dr. APJ Abul Kalam as president of India. Many scientists are from Islam and many are in the fields of journalism. We are proud to have M.J.Akber as a great editor. We are having Dillipkumar and sharukhkhan, salman khan,waheeda rahman,meenakumari as actresses,actors.India is a mixture of hindu islam tahzib and all should vow to remove communalism from their minds. If Muslims would abdicate their so-professed anti Hindu stand they would be great achievers. CONGRESS, NCP, RJD, SP, BSP, TMC, LJP have used them as toilet papers.

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