Hindus must be united to save themselves from christian rule

Unless and Untill 85%
of hindus of india are united,strong,polarised and vote out congress from
India,they are not safe in india.No body is safe in India as the vote banks of
Muslims and Christians are solidly behind congress and they are about 18% of
total population. If they votes 18% solidly in favour of congress they won
because Hindus never goes to vote due to their disinterest on election votes
and candidates.but muslims votes not to any candidates but they gives votes for
Congress BSP SP NCP as they knows that they would be blackmailed and would do
whatever they want or asks.Only a strong hindu unity with voters polarisation and
backlash at the time of polls elections and war would liquidate congress and
all muslims supporter parties.If the same wouldnot be achieved by any hindu
saints,sadhus,sadhvis who are earning billions in donations but never cared for
hindus in general nor worked for building a strong hindu party.RSS VHP BJP
Bajarang dal are not united and fighting a divided war which leads to their



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