INC is now Italian Sonia congress

Congress is a party of slaves who do not utter a single word without queen’s orders. They are destroying all democratic institutions by falsehood and insinuations. The day India would remove congress and queen out of India, India would be free and 2nd freedom would ensure total liberation. We want total freedom from the clutches of congress and its queen for all times so that we can build our own fortunes. They are making their own fortunes by looting India for 61 years from 1950 to 2011.they have divided the Hindus by communal and caste lines. They should know that all over world Hindus are not treated as a religion but 2nd and 3rd class citizens. They have no liberty. In Pakistan all their temples, gurudwaras are destroyed and occupied. They have to leave Pakistan by torture and forcible evictions. They have been made 3rd class citizen in Pakistan. But in India they are enjoying super class citizenships. Some Infidels are saying that they are first citizens of India as congress has allowed them all its powers as they have given them solid votes of 15% and Hindus are cowards, impotents and slaves who lick their feet and gives sell their votes on bribe.100 crores of Hindus of India had sold their votes to congress BSP,SP,RJD, RLD, LJP, ML, DMK NCP,TMC,JDS  who are slaves of Muslims in India but they never cared for 100 crores Muslims from whom they had taken vote but torturing them. Shame on Indian Hindus who do not know the power of their votes and are slaves of moghuls, Britishers and congress for centuries. It is now destined that Hindu religion would die the unnatural and suicidal ultimate death as it has no future and they are die hard corrupts and bootlickers of foreigners. They need it as they are never grown up from slave mentality. Weak have no role in India. Defensives are defeatists.aggressives is winner.


Muslims need to assimilate themselves with hindus

India under British was partitioned along religion lines and Pakistan was created out of India and all the Muslims were told to migrate to their homeland and all Hindus were told to migrate to Hindu India and in that migration communal holocaust erupted killing millions of Hindus and their property looted by the barbaric Muslim killers, hindu women were raped and kidnapped, children and kids were brutally killed on swords and arrows. But India was made as a secular nation only for the majority of Muslims left thereafter in India who preferred to remain India’s where does Hindus abdicated their responsibility .they had helped all Muslim brethrens by benevolence and affection.muslims of Hindu India were never treated as 2nd class citizen in India by people.The govt has also accepted all their demands of creating their separate Muslim personal law, aligarh Muslim university and all their mosques and prayer halls were given all due respect and love. But in Pakistan the Hindus were treated as 3rd class citizens, their temples destroyed and burnt, their property encroached forcibly,govt kept silent seeing all the insults and humiliations. So the Indian Muslims of 20 crores need not fear as the Hindus are benevolent and friendly if they would remain friendly, if they did go against them then the fire of volcanoes would erupt again.

In a Democracy Judiciary is the saviour of democracy

“SC should not work like a UPA agent. The denial of bail to culprits of 2g scam is utterly disgusting. The accused should have been allowed bail by SC as it is the highest court of India and our constitution enshrined every right to the accused in such economical cases. The denial of bail by SC opened up one Pandora ’s Box in which the CBI have to deal in the matter more conversantly. If they would be kept in jail as under trial what would happen? The crime is already done and the accused are in jail for grant of bail. But the question is that if the CBI would not find any full proof case against them and they would be released later can SC returns the agonies heaped on them by keeping them in jail for unlimited time as UT prisoner? The right of an ordinary Indian is infringed/breached upon. The case can go longer, CBI may delay filing of Charge sheet but the accused should not kept in jail. They must have the right to be free as per our constitution. The SC is last remedy for all such cases. The CJI should have intervened in the matter. Let us assume that the CBI cannot prove the case and may be inclined to make the accused as witness of crime, will the SC return their jail term. Lawyers of India cannot fathom being a silent spectator in such matters. The rudiment of law says that until one is proved guilty he is innocent. So the CJI should interfere in the matter and should not keep UT prisoners of such matters which have no bearings on unity and integrity of India and/ or of heinous crimes should be  allowed bails.SC may impose some restrictions on such cases but the accused need to be get his her rights.SC need to know that the investigating agencies are not impartial and judicious. They are working under a tyrannical govt which is behaving like an autocrat to punish anyone who is not bending to it or its orders. Also CBI has been used in many cases by the govt for its nefarious designs. In case of Mayavati and Mulayam singh yadav the CBI has not done justice. It is a tool in the hands of Govt to make them subservient for interests of govts by which they are being held as captive for support in LS.Now the role of SC is paramount of importance to security of India and justice of SC.If the SC would not interfere the whole edifice of democracy in India would crumble. The SC must have noticed that the accused are interested to file caveat in courts and also affidavits of more confidential reports of involvement of top channel of leaders of UP but are being suppressed by CBI.So it is the duty of the CBI not to get pressurized or the SC to intervene when it sees that the case is being diverted along vendetta line.UPA govt have destabilised all institutions of governance for its corruptions,misgovernance and vendetta.It is not a democracy any more as all the works of UPA govt shows bias in all matters.It is using many people and also taking revenge on many peoples.The SC should not have fallen prey to the machinations of this Govt.It is using CBI for cases against Narendra Modi,Hindus patriots,Sadhus and Sadhvis in Malegaon, Samjhuata blast cases as per directions of UPA Govt.SC should fix time for filing of Charge sheet or else release the culprit on bail.In Malegaon case many Hindus sadhus and Sadhvi are arrested but they are not getting bails till date as the CBI ATS failed to file CS or delaying it to keep them in jails.So is this a democratic country wherein if any govt go berserk can put any one in jail by trumped up charges and conspired constructed cases?We are highly expectant of justice by SC and can pray for true justice.”


UPA the rakshasa’s govt at centre

Corruption is corrosive. It not only nibbles at the root of honest economic enterprise but also erodes the moral fibre of the people. The will to combat the ill ebbs slowly but surely, in the end leaving only the vanguard of protesters tilting at the windmills or members of the palace guard the — too clever by the half — trying to swagger their way out of the messy siege.

“These are complex issues”. We are told, “There are constitutional provisions that are sacrosanct, even a schoolboy knows that only Parliament can legislate, then there are courts that must remain independent.”


Kapil Sibal has the unique genius to reduce serious issues to a puerile school debate in which scoring points takes precedence over everything else. Scornfully and smirking he warns the much less intelligent compatriots that what Anna and his team are trying is to set up a parallel government and why this can’t be allowed without violating the basic structure. He is obviously ignorant of the existence of NCERT textbooks. For a generation these have unravelled the ‘complexities’ of our constitution to adolescents and young adults. The doctrine of its basic structure, scheme of fundamental rights and directive principles of state are part of the syllabus at Class X. Most adult Indians know that it is not exactly rocket science that is being debated at the moment.


At times the poor media is blamed for exaggerating differences and queering the pitch of negotiation, on other occasions it is the bogey of communal forces lurking in the shadows that is raised hopefully to unite the nation behind ‘the most honest prime minister in the world’ and the Congress president who has renounced the throne of India but not stopped showering khairat or baksheesh on her people — the RTI and the NAC. Encounters with the press have ceased to be even entertaining.


No one disputes that it’s the prerogative of the legislature to enact laws. What the bone of contention is the inability or unwillingness of Parliament to do so. Not only in the matter of Lokpal but the Women’s Reservation Bill too have met with resistance. It is pernicious to suggest that a government in power that survives only through a shamelessly cobbled majority has the irrevocable mandate of the people to rule undisturbed and without any legal fetters for full five years. Any one protesting peacefully and under the protective regime of fundamental rights can’t simply be branded an enemy of the people or accused of treason.

Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Punjab are ruled by non-Congress parties or parties in the opposition to the Congress-led coalition in New Delhi. In Kerala, the Congress hangs on by the skin of its teeth. When Congress spokespersons go on a rampage (in damage control mode) and assault the irresponsible Opposition, they seem to forget that they are not the representatives of majority of Indians.


The bullying stance of some senior central ministers is certainly not indicative of their confidence but only exposes a bad case of freight (staged or real it doesn’t matter) resulting in frayed tempers and recklessly loose tongue. They paint with tainted brush — bloody shades of saffron — anyone who dares open his mouth about corruption in high places.

Sibal raises the spectre of ‘parallel government’ at the drop of the Gandhi cap. The legal eagle soaring high on his flight of fancy forgets conveniently that the real problem in the UPA II raj is lack of governance (at the Centre) or bad governance. Corruption is rampant and has assumed such virulently malignant form because the machinery to combat it — CVC, CAG, CBI etc — has been all but wrecked by those in power. The overzealous defence lawyer never tires of ‘checks and balances’ in our constitutional scheme glossing over how his party has tried to subvert institutions like the PAC, the CAG and to ride roughshod over dissent regarding the appointment of the CVC. Parliament, he says is supreme; why not, then let Parliament debate this issue? What is the need to postpone the monsoon session by a month? No one is going to be fooled by citation of ‘precedents’ in this matter.


Forget the canards about ‘parallel government’. The UPA government supposedly in place is hardly visible. Food grains are rotting as millions go to bed hungry every night with starvation death staring them in the face. The NAC, blessed by Soniaji, is content to present a draft of the food security bill with no place. No Congressmen can be expected to have the courage to even whisper in this context that lawmaking is Parliament’s prerogative. Guwahati burns as squatters are evicted from forestland, and large tracts of land in several states are virtually controlled by Maoists who demonstrate the impotence of the government routinely by blowing up railway lines and abducting and killing police and paramilitary personnel by impunity.


There was a time, when the Union home minister was constrained to offer his resignation owning moral responsibility for the failure to cope with, what the prime minister had called, the most serious threat for the nation’s security. But that shining moment has passed without leaving behind even a fading afterglow. Barely a day passes without a fresh scam breaking out. The CAG report on the RIL gas deal can’t be brushed aside as brusquely as Jaipal Reddy has tried to do by blaming ‘sensation mongering opposition leaders’. Allegation of bugging the Union finance minister’s office by someone in government — maybe a Cabinet colleague — or a corporate entity are much too serious to be dismissed out of hand as ‘diversionary disinformation by BJP’. The Queen’s Gambit appears to have misfired grandly much before the 1914 trial of strength, wit and nerves.


This hasn’t stopped a worthy courtier from indulging in the not so royal but exciting sport of kite flying suggesting that the crown prince is ready to take over from Singh who is King.

Do we take it that the End Game has begun?

















narendra modi is the only alternative

There is unanimity that Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader in the BJP. The pre-election anxieties across regional parties over a Modi-led Government are well known, given the propensity of the Congress to drive a wedge in the hope of consolidating Muslim votes. But if Modi were to do a Erdogan, it could prove to be a game-changer The current political impasse in New Delhi has the punditry’s imagination running wild in search of parallels. While parallels with Jallianwala Bagh and Emergency have run their course, a more familiar parallel is beginning to do the rounds in New Delhi. India in the year 2014 may not quite look like India back in the year 1989 or for that matter India in the year 1996, but that has not stopped Delhi’s ever-imaginative pundits from floating the Nitish Kumar trial balloon in their hopes of finding an acceptable alternative to the Congress. Then, of course, the disingenuous Delhi pundits fail to remind you of the steep price India paid every time the Tail Wagged the Dog in the corridors of power in Delhi. It is one thing if Delhi’s punditry demonstrated some boldness to go with their imagination by calling on the JD(U) to merge with the BJP for us to take this wishful thinking with some seriousness. But bold imagination is not to be found in Delhi. Hence we are fed on this fiction of a Nitish Kumar-led future without any one of these worthy minds telling us how exactly a party with less than 30 Members of Parliament will lead a Government that would be any more credible than a HD Deve Gowda-led United Front or any more stable than a VP Singh-National Front or any more respectable than a lightweight IK Gujral-led Third Front Government. Let us be clear: A JD(U)-NDA would be no NDA but merely a rerun of that sterile idea called the Third Front, albeit propped up by the BJP instead of the discredited Congress as was the case in its previous two avatars. The Delhi establishment’s infatuation with the Third Front is understandable. It gets them a soft Left-liberal agenda without any of the Congress’s dynastic arrogance. The relatively weak nature of the coalition will make for all kinds of ‘civil society’ interventions that sustain the NGO economy in New Delhi with perhaps a more level playing field unlike the current NGO-isation under the UPA regime which has seen disproportionate benefits accrue to only one segment of the Left-liberal NGO eco-system. Unlike the National Front and the subsequent United Front experiments, both of which saw the BJP rise in the wake of their untimely and unceremonious demise, a third coming of this experiment with the JD(U) at the helm will be no boon for the BJP. In fact, if anything it will further stunt the growth of the BJP and here is why. A Third Front propped up by the BJP will be bound to collapse under the weight of its inherent contradictions. The blame for the ensuing instability will largely accrue to the BJP for two reasons. The Congress, having served two listless but full terms, will go to town on the BJP’s inability to offer a seemingly stable Government while the JD(U) leadership will get to play victim. Barring the irrational sentiment of anti-Congressism at any cost, there just is no realpolitik in the BJP propping up a JD(U)-led Third Front Government to the detriment of its own enlightened self-interest. Speculation in some quarters over the BJP projecting a Vajpayee like acceptable figure ahead of the 2014 election may have been spiked if recent reports in the media are anything go by on the party’s decision not to project a candidate for the Prime Minister’s job. There is wisdom in the BJP taking this tack, if indeed those media reports are true. By doing so the BJP shifts the focus away from the internecine battle over succession in a post-LK Advani era. It also sets a high bar for prospective candidates with aspirations that they will not go into the election with a sense of entitlement but instead would have to earn their right to lead, based on both the perceived and real value addition to the BJP’s performance. While the BJP may not have institutionalised its mechanisms for a pre-election process of electing a popular leader by tapping into the sentiment across its base via a primary of sorts, there is unanimity across political commentators that Mr Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader. The pre-election anxieties across the regional parties over a Narendra Modi-led Government are well known, given the propensity of the Congress to drive a wedge in the hope of consolidating the Muslim vote-bank. However if Mr Modi were to do an Erdogan it could prove to be a game-changing move. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has charted an arduous path to the country’s premiership for the third time last week. If there is one parallel that can be made over the current political environment in India, it is with Turkey back in the early-2000s with the fundamentalist secular elite seeking to disbar Mr Erdogan from holding high office. A similar veto by default is being exercised by New Delhi’s elite punditry against Mr Modi with this talk of acceptability of a prospective NDA leader sans actual mandate backed by hard electoral votes. The parallel with Mr Erdogan does not end with the secular veto. Both Mr Erdogan and Mr Modi are performers on the economic front given their appeal among the aspirational middle class voters. Drawing on Mr Erdogan’s path to power, Mr Modi could don the mantle of leading the political movement against the UPA come next election while opting to stay out of office. In Mr Erdogan’s case reconciliation came via a constitutional amendment that paved the way for him to hold office. There is no constitutional bar on Mr Modi occupying high office. Reconciliation can, however, come from suitable political moves once the UPA has been voted out. While the details need to be worked on what such a political framework for reconciliation might be, the BJP cannot be in denial over the impulses that have led to the framing of the Communal Violence Bill drafted by the National Advisory Council led by Ms Sonia Gandhi. A framework for national reconciliation could be the BJP-NDA’s answer to the flawed Communal Violence Bill from the NAC. By championing the political process by which such reconciliation takes place while opting to stay out of office, Mr Modi could chart a path to Delhi, drawing on the Erdogan parallel. In the bargain India will get a stable political alternative to the Congress with a track record of economic performance having reconciled communal fault lines, instead of another VP Singh who might further micro-mandalise Indian society while perpetuating the entitlement economy.

REmove congress full & final save your india,my countryman

All these problems are only due to disunity among Hindus which was initiated by caste systems by congress. Congress inherited the policy of divide & rule.Nehru is a Machiavellian leader who never allowed growth of any leader with collusion of Gandhi who was slave to Nehru in running congress. All top leadership in Congress removed by Gandhi under pressures of Nehru.It was one man show.If today Subash Bose wud be at Congress president which he was denied, situation of India would have been hugely differrent.But fate is not in our favour. Still We are languishing in poverty.&6% of population are living below poverty line.The programmes from 20 point Food for work and now MNRGEA are nothing but farce initiated by congress to make all Indian subservient and slave of congress.The subsidies are opium which never allowed a person to come out from the drugs. Partition of India is also initiated by Nehru for his personal ambition to remain as PM,head of state without any opponent as he fear that Jinnah wud be PM if he would not accept the partition. Partition has ruined the dream of Akhand Bharat.British never wanted to partition India but it was conspired by Nehru Gandhi who colluded with lord Mountbatten to divide India on religion ground. But still Nehru never wanted to and allowed to make India a Hindu state. He was an atheist(non-follower of God) and communist. He never worshipped and practiced Hinduism’s well he was having a illegitimate relationship with lady mountbatten.If Pakistan is created as an communal Islamic country why Indian govt did not bring all Hindus back into india.why it allowed them to remain in Pakistan to suffer these humilation,tortures,conversion and murder rape of Hindus. All temples and Gurudwaras of Hindu Sikhs are ruined destroyed. Now time has come to liberate India from the secularists and install a Hindu govt at centre and declare India as an Hindus country.

Why Gujarat be denied its share by Congress govt


We feel our self proud that our own Gandhijee has fought with British govt silently with non violent agitation and brought freedom to our country from the chains of  bondage. But it is our misfortune that we had been remained as bondage to the congress party and they are exploiting the sentiments of our people by dividing them on caste, creed,race,religion lines.

We are divided by caste by the constitution makers by giving the unprivileged the separate status and giving reservation to them in the constitution.Althugh the step seems to be realistic in many ways and also worked for the betterment of these communities but the reservation system which was meant for a specific period was extended many times and continuing till date. Above all the Mandal commission  was constituted  to grant reservation to the weaker section of society but it has opened up a Pandora’s box by advocating  granting special status to the other backward castes .This has created a serious division in the Hindu society and they were divided and fighting among themselves. It was a political masterstroke by Mr.V.P.SINGH  to vanquish congress as he had some deep hatred for congress but he cannot  do enough damages.

Congress was a party of national leaders till Nehru was alive and thereafter it got only the political demagogues. None of the leaders who had ascended the throne in Delhi after Rajiv Gandhi can be called a true national leader. MR.P.V.N.RAO,H.D.DEVE GOWDA,VP SINGH,CHANDRASEKHAR,I.K.GUJARAL are leaders of lesser importance who are just passing the time in gap as the PM . Atal Bihari Vajpayee was  a good PM but he cannot establish his stamp on the govt as he was pressurized by the hardliners in his party. Now  we have Mr.Man Mohan Singh who is weak and unfit  PM as he is being camouflaged by the US, Pakistan and china as well as Sonia.We need a strong, efficient PM who  should have the personality to talk tough, work tough and act tough.

Mr.Narendra Modi has all these qualities which should have been in a politician, diplomat,nation builder.He is like the iron man Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, who has worked brilliantly to unite india.He has the qualities of Bishmarck,Napolean and Alexander.But Congress party and some NGO’s are trying their level best to tarnish his image to paint  him as a dragon.He can save the country from anarchy,chaos and breaking point.

We need his services in centre and national politics.He should be brought to national politics by the BJP high command and entrust him the works of going to each and every corner of india in the next four years and fill  all the people with patriotism and nationalism and fighting qualities.


Kashmir is a Hindu state since time immemorial. It was invaded by Muslim invaders and occupied by them.Maharaja Hari Singh a Hindu raja was king of Kashmir till its merger with India in 1948 , when he signed deed of accession. So where does any contradiction arise. Even if it was a Muslim majority it does not allow them any right to ask for freedom. They were never neglected and all these years see proper election to the state and it is integrated with Indian federation. But Pakistan based terrorists and ISI are trying to secede Kashmir from India. they want to break India into pieces as they want to avenge their secession of Bangladesh. also china is a partner in their conspiracy. It is provoking them with all the arms supplies and nuclear help. It is the duty of Indian govt to declare emergency in kashmir,arrest all the secessionists, hurriyats and criminals,close the borders with pok and pak.handover the areas under “disturbed areas act” to army and allow normal life. There is no soft option. We have to remove a nail by a nail.we cannot get what our pm declares that talk will endure,but what would be agenda of that talk when they declare that they donot want to talk beyond their demand of azadi.let the govt forget about talk and enforce internal emergency in Kashmir. What plebiscite these Pakistanis talk about?it is simply a talk of madness .when the state has conducted several elections from 1948 every five year to assembly and parliament and they vote for their own govt ,why there is any contradiction and predicament. The people had accepted India as their home land except a few anti India and Pakistan sponsored terrorists and ISI agents. We have seen the hospitality of Kashmir people when we goes to that part of the country and also the yatra to amarnath.but these people brainwashed by Pakistani jihad elements never understand that all is not well in Pakistani and their demand for inclusion/merger with Pakistan is dangerous for them.india is one democratic country and it is working for the betterment of the people in kashmir.but the same forces who want to balkanize India sowed the seeds of hatred in the minds of some youths and kids. Kids are being paid to throw stones to forces. They want that they would equal in targeting Indian forces as the Palestine forces targeting Israel forces and it is called intifada. So it is nothing but one dangerous game in which the poor and innocents are being grinded. We hope the sane voice of all party team would culminate a new era of happiness and intelligence among the residents of Kashmir .if it would fail then it would be too traumatic for them and also the govt may not be able to salvage the situation and army may be handed over the full control with emergency and blockades.Kashmir is non-negtiable with any power on earth.