INC is now Italian Sonia congress

Congress is a party of slaves who do not utter a single word without queen’s orders. They are destroying all democratic institutions by falsehood and insinuations. The day India would remove congress and queen out of India, India would be free and 2nd freedom would ensure total liberation. We want total freedom from the clutches of congress and its queen for all times so that we can build our own fortunes. They are making their own fortunes by looting India for 61 years from 1950 to 2011.they have divided the Hindus by communal and caste lines. They should know that all over world Hindus are not treated as a religion but 2nd and 3rd class citizens. They have no liberty. In Pakistan all their temples, gurudwaras are destroyed and occupied. They have to leave Pakistan by torture and forcible evictions. They have been made 3rd class citizen in Pakistan. But in India they are enjoying super class citizenships. Some Infidels are saying that they are first citizens of India as congress has allowed them all its powers as they have given them solid votes of 15% and Hindus are cowards, impotents and slaves who lick their feet and gives sell their votes on bribe.100 crores of Hindus of India had sold their votes to congress BSP,SP,RJD, RLD, LJP, ML, DMK NCP,TMC,JDS  who are slaves of Muslims in India but they never cared for 100 crores Muslims from whom they had taken vote but torturing them. Shame on Indian Hindus who do not know the power of their votes and are slaves of moghuls, Britishers and congress for centuries. It is now destined that Hindu religion would die the unnatural and suicidal ultimate death as it has no future and they are die hard corrupts and bootlickers of foreigners. They need it as they are never grown up from slave mentality. Weak have no role in India. Defensives are defeatists.aggressives is winner.


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