Kashmir is a Hindu state since time immemorial. It was invaded by Muslim invaders and occupied by them.Maharaja Hari Singh a Hindu raja was king of Kashmir till its merger with India in 1948 , when he signed deed of accession. So where does any contradiction arise. Even if it was a Muslim majority it does not allow them any right to ask for freedom. They were never neglected and all these years see proper election to the state and it is integrated with Indian federation. But Pakistan based terrorists and ISI are trying to secede Kashmir from India. they want to break India into pieces as they want to avenge their secession of Bangladesh. also china is a partner in their conspiracy. It is provoking them with all the arms supplies and nuclear help. It is the duty of Indian govt to declare emergency in kashmir,arrest all the secessionists, hurriyats and criminals,close the borders with pok and pak.handover the areas under “disturbed areas act” to army and allow normal life. There is no soft option. We have to remove a nail by a nail.we cannot get what our pm declares that talk will endure,but what would be agenda of that talk when they declare that they donot want to talk beyond their demand of azadi.let the govt forget about talk and enforce internal emergency in Kashmir. What plebiscite these Pakistanis talk about?it is simply a talk of madness .when the state has conducted several elections from 1948 every five year to assembly and parliament and they vote for their own govt ,why there is any contradiction and predicament. The people had accepted India as their home land except a few anti India and Pakistan sponsored terrorists and ISI agents. We have seen the hospitality of Kashmir people when we goes to that part of the country and also the yatra to amarnath.but these people brainwashed by Pakistani jihad elements never understand that all is not well in Pakistani and their demand for inclusion/merger with Pakistan is dangerous for them.india is one democratic country and it is working for the betterment of the people in kashmir.but the same forces who want to balkanize India sowed the seeds of hatred in the minds of some youths and kids. Kids are being paid to throw stones to forces. They want that they would equal in targeting Indian forces as the Palestine forces targeting Israel forces and it is called intifada. So it is nothing but one dangerous game in which the poor and innocents are being grinded. We hope the sane voice of all party team would culminate a new era of happiness and intelligence among the residents of Kashmir .if it would fail then it would be too traumatic for them and also the govt may not be able to salvage the situation and army may be handed over the full control with emergency and blockades.Kashmir is non-negtiable with any power on earth.



  1. I agree with you. keep the kashmir as natural. make jammu as a indias big industrial state. set all big manufacturer’s in jammu. give them permanent job ( atleast one member in family). start the train connectivity to all part of kashmir adjacent to road side.the benifit is that they can see the life/coming out of the hell/ they can understand the other people/ can share the thoughts. right now they are living in under limit no source, no earning, no expenses,no education,no literacy,no matter who is running the country. millitant or government.

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