REmove congress full & final save your india,my countryman

All these problems are only due to disunity among Hindus which was initiated by caste systems by congress. Congress inherited the policy of divide & rule.Nehru is a Machiavellian leader who never allowed growth of any leader with collusion of Gandhi who was slave to Nehru in running congress. All top leadership in Congress removed by Gandhi under pressures of Nehru.It was one man show.If today Subash Bose wud be at Congress president which he was denied, situation of India would have been hugely differrent.But fate is not in our favour. Still We are languishing in poverty.&6% of population are living below poverty line.The programmes from 20 point Food for work and now MNRGEA are nothing but farce initiated by congress to make all Indian subservient and slave of congress.The subsidies are opium which never allowed a person to come out from the drugs. Partition of India is also initiated by Nehru for his personal ambition to remain as PM,head of state without any opponent as he fear that Jinnah wud be PM if he would not accept the partition. Partition has ruined the dream of Akhand Bharat.British never wanted to partition India but it was conspired by Nehru Gandhi who colluded with lord Mountbatten to divide India on religion ground. But still Nehru never wanted to and allowed to make India a Hindu state. He was an atheist(non-follower of God) and communist. He never worshipped and practiced Hinduism’s well he was having a illegitimate relationship with lady mountbatten.If Pakistan is created as an communal Islamic country why Indian govt did not bring all Hindus back into india.why it allowed them to remain in Pakistan to suffer these humilation,tortures,conversion and murder rape of Hindus. All temples and Gurudwaras of Hindu Sikhs are ruined destroyed. Now time has come to liberate India from the secularists and install a Hindu govt at centre and declare India as an Hindus country.


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