Why Hindus must be aggressive and strngthened 2 save themselves from peril


Hindus are born all over world but due to deformities in Hinduism new sects and religions were created by many such saints who claim to be born from gods own sperm.

Jesus and Muhammad claimed they are re-incarnate of god.Goutam Buddhha was said to have attained charisma while he was sitting under a tree.

But it is fact that before all these religion comes to world hindus dharma was only religion in world.

Many temples idols are now found to be in many Islamic countries and Christians countries.
The black stone in mecca is said to be a Lingam of lord shive which the muslims worships every year during haj.

But India is a country who failed to save Hinduism as the saints sadhus sadhvis are purely materialistic and money minded and never worked for improvement of Hinduism and its temples.The sadhus sants the speakers all over india daily appearing in TV speaking the story of hindus are purely commercial and never worked to improve Hinduism.I have seen lakhs and lakhs of lands are encroached by them and created Ashram full of all luxuries all over India but had they been utilizing all the donations received from their disciples then the hindusim wouldnot have in dire straits it is now.

All temples are lying in highly damaged dilapidated condition all over the country but as the govt is secular it cant re construct the same or repair them and all the hindus saints and sadhvis who daily echoed their speeches in TV media never donated a good money for upkeeping of these temples.

In south many such temples destroyed by muslima nd Christians rulers are lying in trhat conditions and are only tourists paradie but not a place of worship.

In north many temples are destroyed and over that maszids aare built but govt cant take action to return the landto hindus as it would affect their vote bank.

That now congress is elping muslims and Christians by all its means to get the votes of 15% muslims and 5% Christians which is their solid vote bank and never cared for rest 805 of hindus voters which they know sare saleable to them and they would acquire it whenever they need it by throwing some money which they had earned by looting from the same voters.

Still Hindus are working as slaves of Congress and all anti BJP parties.I am not a worker or supporter of BJP or RSS but I think that if we would not strengthen our Hindu votes of 80% and consolidate it like a solid vote bank these parties which are now Anti-BJP would never care for us.They knows that Hindus are divided and they never cared to vote and are slavish mentality so they opt for appeasing the minority votes to grab power.It is power politics and we have to strengthen ourselves make a solid vote bank of 80% and go aggressive on polling day to bring all our hindus votesr to vote enmasse against all anti-BJP and Anti-Hindua parties.