Shivsena and MNS should chart out their goals

Delhi was recaptured by Marathas on 14th January,but now so called Maratha and Marathi pride Thackeray Family is not proud of their Maratha ancestors who saved Hinduism and defeated islam.Balasaheb was a true Maratha and showed a grand Hinduism as his goal.But now his Son Uddhab Thackeray and nephew Raj Thackeray are discarding Hindutva and nationalism patriotism for petty regionalism. If both would have patronized Hindutva as core vote banks and taken a whole India as their platform they could have earned love affection of all Hindus of India who wants a savior of sorts who can fight with enemies of Hindus. But have failed Hindus by their narrow minded regionalism. Now there is also optimum time for them to rise above petty politics of regionalism and go national with a vibrant vigorous Hindutva as core vote bank.Whole of Indian Hindu needs a messiah and charismatic person as Hindu mascot and Raj Thackeray can fulfill the void created by Balasaheb’s death by spearheading a strong Hindutva and wearing a Hindu mask and tour whole of india.It is time to save Hindutva which has been done by Shivajee during his life time and also after his life time. Maharashtra is full of Hindutvavadi patriots and nationalists and now we hope both Thackeray brothers will come up to our expectations.We exhort both of them to reconcile themselves and remain united and Uddhab should opt for national politics and Left Raj to take over State politics.Both are needed as Hindutva Mascot of India.


Why MSM is playing dirty politics in their noble profession

The communal divide by Delhi Police and MSM are last straw on Hindu Muslim unity. Now no Hindus will trust any Muslim in villages and also anywhere in the country. The alienation would be full and final by seeing the cruel nature of Muslims and Hindu wud start hate all Muslims as enemy of society and family values.It is a steps in the direction to a partition of India or Civil war like Shrilanka where in Govt has to step in the liquidate Shri Lankan Tamils who demanded a separate state for themselves and the LTTE waged war on Shrilanka but when the peace loving Buddhist get aggressive the Army and Shrilanka people made mincemeat of tamilians in Shrilanka.The same will be occurring in India if Indian Muslims would wage war on India and insult its army security forces as exhorted by highly communal rabid fanatic Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi.They are waking of a sleeping giant Hindu for their own peril.

Jornalism media tv are 4th pillar of a vibrant democracy and they should only report what is happening in worls,india and its states.They are not investigator, prosecutor, judge and hangman all in one.They must do their job without any bias and prejudices.

Juvenile Justice act must not be applicable for Rape cases

Most Horrific & horrendous crime of that so called juvenile who now pretend as a minor by showing off a fabricated forged DOB as 17 years 8 months as touted by a criminal lawyer of his clan to save him from gallows, is that he has called the girl as sister and allowed ride them into a vacant bus only with all six vultures who were preying for an women to sexually abuse her.Also he raped her twice taking her into back seat after beating her with iron rod which used for opening tyres of vehicles.When she protested him he inserted the same iron rod into her vagina and screwed up her womb ruptured her ovary uterus and intestine. All these shows how cruel he is and no human being apart from Muslim can be so cruel. In Kargil war Pakistani soldiers also done same brutal inhuman acts on the body of Indian soldiers. Such types of brutal barbaric heinous crimes done by Muslims only and no Hindu does such violent acts.Now he is being saved by none other than wife of CJI who is chairperson of childrens society.Now MSM is silent on name and religion of the main accused and he is being saved by Delhi Police who did not slapped any charges on him but sent him to Juvenile board.How can DP determined his age when investigation still under progress as the DOB produced by the muslim boy is fake fabricated and forged.How he got his DOB immediately and showed it to DP when the case is under progress. It is a predetermined act of DP to save the boy as he is a muslim.If he would have been other than a Muslim then he would be charge sheeted without taking the authenticity of the Birth certificate as produced by the Boy. TV news shows that he had fled from his house in Badayun at the age of 6 years and never read in any school but now faked DOB from a School leaving certificate which he never attended.
If He is being let off by the UPA govt considering him as a Muslim and juvenile then whole edifice of Indian law will crumble. People will lose all trust and faith on law of land and a revolution would start all over india.thats communal divide wud suit Congress now but when election would come it may play majority card and hand the Muslim criminals to show that it cares fro majority hindus.just now no Hindu would be hoodwinked by congress policy of making fools of Hindus.Today Law Minister salman Khurseed told that the criminal law regarding juvenile act cant be changed with retrospective effect and hinted that the socalled juvenile criminal Mohamad Afroj would be let off by mere 3 years in Bal Sudhar gruha.

Police act of 1861 is to be replaced by a modern indian act

INDIAN POLICE ACT 1861 must be removed and we should bring a new police law immediately to protect each and every Indian from any such act of violence by barbarians. We need a humanitarian police not an occupier police. The said act was formulated by British, the occupier of India in 1861, which is in vogue since last 151 years and never amended. It is meant to suppress Indian by their British masters but after 1947 all the British acts should have been changed. Now the act provides huge powers to police but not to general public. We need to emulate USA France law and implement such acts which provide help to any Indian or guest of India tourists all forms of help all over India. Now Delhi police must be placed under Delhi assembly and Delhi CM.The Home ministry shouldn’t have the DP under its belt. The DP is a brutal force which is colonial in its attitude. The Home Ministry must dilute its powers on DP and Handover all the powers to CM of Delhi. The DP now wants to prosecute Zee TV for showing ordeals faced by the couple after rape and brutal acts of violence on them. It is a brutal inhuman act and both were lying naked on road after thrown away by the brutes from Bus but none cared to give them any help although hundreds passer by pass through the road out fear that police will implicate them for any crime. Delhi Police also did not act although three PCR vans passed on that road. As well they discussed in which police station jurisdiction the crime occurred. The mentality of DP is not only cruel but also barbaric. It is a mentality of an occupying force on India. We are living in a colonial regime ruled by a colonial police act shame on us we are saying ourselves as independent and our constitution allowed the acts to rule us. Actually a violent revolution needed to change the system and acts. The govt has formed many commissions from SARKARIA commission to Police commission and Electoral reforms but all the recommendations kept in deep freezer. Why the commissions are formed when the govt knows very well that they would never be implemented for their selfish ends.GOI has formed Commission to recommend reforms in Police ,PDS,State centre relations and the recommendations reports are submitted with cost of crores but the reports need to be implemented for betterment of lives.Let all the reports be discussed in parliament and if parliament found them effective let them be implemented. Why these reports are not finding light of day is shrouded in mystery. Now the Delhi rape case is a taboo for all.None wants to it to be discussed.DP wants to punish Zee TV for showing interview with the male colleague of raped girl saying identity is revealed but When Media exposed the identity of girl, political demands raised for naming anti rape law on her name, how the identity is not compromised or revealed? Truly DP is a occupying force and must be tamed by transfer of powers to state govt from central govt. Sheila Dixit is right on her demand to handover powers on her ministry to tame Delhi Police.Delhi police is a occupying force of Britishers.It behaved cruelly on BRD at RLM.It behaved badly on ANNA.Now it says PCR vans have no area region as they have to look whole delhi which is highly untrue and full of lies.TNSS correspondent shows that the DELHI POLICE 100 never works.The PCR vans never reaches in time.Auto rickshaw Drivers are rude crook unchallenged. Delhi Police is corrupt to core collecting hafta from autowallas who taking them as rider.DP should be disbanded and handed over to Delhi Govt for better administration.

Rape of the hapless girl by the so-called minor juvenile on 16th DEC night is being treated as communal minority appeasement by the UPA govt to save the Muslim boy from gallows in not only slap on justice of India but also all the protestors who fought with Govt in India gate since last 20 days. It is not only disgusting but also depressing to all that the so-called savior of democracy, lights of rights owners of main stream media has gone blind dumb and deaf on the sad state of affairs in their studios where in the so called journos shows only biased news & views and highly communal toned news. It is these so-called journos differentiate between Hindus and Muslims. In democracy there is no religion or communal tone but actual truth be shown. In 16th Dec Delhi rape and Murder case 6 person were arrested by DP on investigation and out the 6 persons 5 are Hindus whose names are published by the media fully but one person who is a Muslim his name was not shown by MSMs.The so-called champions of democracy Media houses brought to India on FDI are having pre meditated dangerous mindset to divide the country on religion basis and spread deep hatred among Hindu & Muslims and ruin the secular fabric of Nation. The country is slowly pushed by them to Civil war as they defends Muslims criminals terrorists hardliners fanatics and showed them as democrats and secular persons.(Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi).MIM,Muslim League are not communal parties but BJP SHS SAD MNS are communal parties for them. Shame on all these biased communal Media who preach secularism to us but when we fight for our rights we are being branded as communal.CNNIBN NDTV TIMESNOW HEADLINES TODAY are now purchased by Christian and Muslim corporate money bags on directions of a fascist Sonia maino.It is writ of her running in whole govt media houses TV news Print etc.She has enormous powers by which she blackmails them.If her word is not abide by them she ruins them by no time engaging all govt machinery against them.ZEE news is an example of her vendetta and fascism. The case is unfolding slowly and shows the bizarre violent acts of all rapists.

Aurangjeb rule all over India by Sonia maino Congress

It is a matter of regret that BJP RSS VHP is not fighting for justice to the detenus of Malegaon blast case.Samjhauta Express case still now. The case is false or true will be decided by courts and the matter is subjudice but why the case is not fast tracked and continuous hearing of the case is being done.The arrested are slapped with MOCOACA by ATS of Mumbai.But the case is not taking its steps as legal cases should have.The Charge sheet is not filed.The law prescribed for filing of charge sheet within a specific time of maximum of 6 months from date of arrest but in the case no charge sheet is filed since last 5 years.The Maharashtra Police is doing disservice to law by detention of the accused fo so long with being tried in proper court of law.CBI NIA are delaying the matter by putting nails in the case.When the case is being handled by ATS how it is not handled by CBI or NIA and if all these three agencies are investigating the case they should be amalgamated 2 one and file a broad CS on the case.The accused are denied bail by the courts although all the accused in similar cases are being granted bail as CBI NIA ATS did not objected granting of bail to the accused as they were Muslims and the accused in these cases are Hindus.So it is pure persecution witch hunt of hindus by a Muslim govts at centre and Maharashtra and all the security agencies are working like dogs of the woman accused named Sadhvi Pragyan is being humiliated targeted and ill treated by the police ATS NIA CBI and jail authorities and she is suffering from terminal illness.But Courts deny her bail.The law of land prescribed that no accused can be detained in jail as under trial prisoner if the charge sheet is not filed by the agencies concerned in due time.SC has also ordered it but lower courts working under the dictates of ruling party as if courts are under the ruling party. Now CBI arresting innocent persons by linking them in the case falsely fraudulently and give a bad name to Hindus as terrorists and fanatics. The govt is highly communal and anti Hindu by virtue of a Christian roman catholic woman as head of state being the president of AICC who is ruling by iron hands with a vindictive mindset. We urge all Hindu lawyers to fight for bails to the so called accused and also BJP RSS VP leaders to fight against brutality of Sonia Congress govt.The Congress has divided India on communal lines by acting against Hindus with a venegeance.Time coming for its death very near as Hindus are more vocal and polarized. The impossible thing has been done by Sonia by uniting, polarizing and consolidating Hindu voters to root out congress full and final.

all hindu lawyers judges must save sadhvi pragyan

It is our sincere request to all lawyers of India that you should fight the case of all Hindu accused in Malegaon blast,Samjhauta Express Blast,Mecca maszid blast fabricated forged and conspired by Congress with the help of ATS, CBI, NIA and IB to float the charade that Hindus are terrorists and RSS BJP are training camps of Hindu terrorists. The speech by HM Shinde is in that direction. The main aim of the congress govt is that they will brand Hindus as terrorists and also brand RSS /BJP as terrorist parties to put a ban on them at a opportune time when they would be at loss and can’t fight election on the symbol of LOTUS. It seems to be true and factually correct. The Congress govt can go to any extent to bar BJP getting into power as they very well know that if BJP will come to power or gets simple majority Narendra Modi would be PM and when he would be PM then Congress will never came to power for another 1000 years in India and all corrupt congressman will be put in jail their ill gotten wealth & property confiscated for corruption all looted wealth hidden in foreign banks be retrieved and returned back to India.We have high apprehension that Sonia Gandhi will impose emergency by engineering communal riots on some parts and ban RSS BJP .We hope you can well understand our fears and predicaments.It is a matter of regret that the order of SC for trials of all cases within the specified period,Chargesheet be filed within specified period,No UTP in jail without trial for longer than it meant for.But in the case of Sadhvi Pragyan Singh Thakur and Colonel Purohit all law as are violated by Govt, Prosecuting agencies, Investigating agencies.It is high time that an renowned Lawyer of BJP should fight free of cost the cases of hapless innocent Hindus and save them fro tyranny of a fascist communal Muslim govt at centre.We have high hopes on you and your ability to provide legal help for their save from incarceration. Also the cases be fast tracked and trial resumed with all earnestness by GOI and investigating/Prosecuting agencies.The evidenced be produced soon and verified.As there is no proof evidence the govt is delaying case till election to do some nasty things to BJP and RSS just before election.It is my presumption, may not be true but the circumstances and situation warranted me to think so.

Hindus wake up and save your country dharma temples and yourself

Sonia’s Christian Muslim Congress knows very well that Hindus are bloody slaves, creeps, leeches who don’t have any respect for nation, religion and People.For Congress Hindus are servile, impotent, passive and corrupt.They know this from win form Uttarakhand and Himachal by bribing hindu voters at the time of election and later halal them by tax and all types of cruelty.Congress knows it is muslims who elevated them to power in 2004 and 2009 as they had voted en-masse in favour congress to Lokasabha to prevent BJP coming to power and actually it is true.To block BJP coming to power Congress showed them fabricated forged video produced by dirty trick deptt of congress abt Gujarat riots all over India and angered Muslims to vote against BJP.But BJP failed to counter them by creating a Hindu vote bank although Muslims are only 15% of total population of 125 crores.Hindus are estimated to be 100 crores but they are really impotent passive selfish corrupt and lazy fellows who don’t know value of their votes.Statitics showed that congress won by getting only 25% of votes and 75% against it.But as there is no proportional voting it won by minority votes.Now Congress says it is public which voted them to power and they have taken them as granted.Now Congress wanted to give all types of benefits subsidies welfare and funds for votes.Hindus votes are granted to them as they are divided by caste and religion.Hindu sant sadhvi and baba are enjoying their funds in their 5 star asharms and dare not go to people for showing them the actual perils on them.BJP is full of traitors as Advani is purchased, blackmailed and suppressed by CBI and Sonia.He cant wage war on her atrocities and cruelty on hindus .Also he is pressurized to put all types of obstacles on the path of Namo so that he won’t come to Delhi.It is also apprehended that by election time more and more cases will be launched against namo and a pliable CJI will put brakes on her elevation.We have to find out new leader and new party for removing congress fully and finally.We hope all sadhu sants and mahatma will fight for rights of hindus bring them to one platform and create a strong hindu vote bank.all frauds sadhu will be weeded out.Now Baba Ramdev has the daunting task of bringing all sadhu into one platform who declare all hindus to vote out Congress and its allies out of India.Congress is curse to Bharat and Hindu dharma.Time comes to awaken whole 100 crores hindus and educate them about impending perils of islamisation Christianization of Hindus and India.

BJP must come to power to save India from breaking

We Hindus always lament that Muslim vote bank made all these problems of rise in Muslim fundamentalism, aggression, appeasement all over India but why don’t they do it? They are in a majority country but are in a minority and they worked strategically to hijack our democracy and Hindu nationalism by creating a strong solid and formidable vote bank of 15 % which is unparallel in electoral politics.Hindus may be 80% of total population but they seldom vote in 80% and whenever they vote the votes divided by caste creed race and money.Hindus vote for money in rural areas where Congress succeeded in buying votes in mass of hindus by giving them saree cloth money.In Tamilnadu the parties declare before election that after they comes to power they will give TV Fridge Telephone and many goodies. In other states money played havoc with representation electoral politics.In india 70% of voters living in villages and also 20 to 30 % are still illiterate farm labours who don’t know power of votes.They simply votes on dictates of village elders leaders panchayat family members and money.Congress get votes from rural areas by paying money which BJP cant give.In Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress won the election by Paying huge money to voters.In UP it tried but cant succeed as wave was against Mayavati and Muslim vote totally polarized in support of MSY.In Gujarat Narendra Modi won by fluke.If Keshubhai Patel would not have contested by his party from funds supplied by congress to divide BJP votes then Narendra modi wud have won 150 seats instead of 115 seats.It was a conspiracy by many leaders from BJP to Congress to obstruct Narendra modi coming to Delhi.But when a mass upsurge happens in favour of NAMO every thing will fall in line.A strong wave is blowing across the country in favour of a strong articulate aggressive leader Narendra Modi.And it is time for BJP to take benefit of the wave and comes to power to save India,The Bharat and Hindu dharma from liquidation and breaking up.Now Sonia Gandhi has corrupted whole system by all means of bribery,Threats,Vendetta,Extortion as Foreigners had done to India.Now time is in favour of BJP which should stand fully behind Narendra Modi and support him fully to get them to power by his charismatic speeches and works.He has the capability to energise all grassroot workers to spread all over villages and towns bring all voters to polling booth and make dream true.

Advani must be chanakya to His disciple Chandragupta

I do have serious reservation on antics of L K Advani who plays dirty games for his own selfish ends. He is having a whole party under his belt. Parliamentary party is under him.He is chairman of NDA and also Chairman of parliamentary board of BJP.His close confidante are well placed as Leader of opposition in Rajyasbha and Lokasabha. He is having media cell in his hands.He is having a coterie aptly named as gang of four(old concept of china) who are controlling the party.Party President is a nominal head and all decisions are taken by Advani.If he likes any one he is elevated to any post and if he dislikes any one he is condemned to hell.But most of BJP supporters on social media don’t buy my theory.But in fact it is true and factually correct. Recently when Nitin Gadkari was just a feet away from anointed as Party president Advani played his master stroke and with connivance of Sonia CBI raided his firms and companies which resulted in his resignation from post of party president before reelected as President for next 3 years although party constitution was revised to give him 2nd term.No it is my assumption is that he will play same master stroke when time comes for elevation of Narendra Modi as PM candidate. Also he will obstruct Namo being kept in charge of nation campaign cell as Chairman.It is my apprehension which may not be true but in the last several months his antics shows he will play a suicidal game. Many leaders of BJP were removed ousted forced out by his coterie.In Jharkhand party was finished out by Arjun Munda.In Karnataka BSY was forced out.In Andhra party cant get root as it lacks an aggressive leader.In WB it has no leader to lead. Odisha is left to some inconsequential leaders who cant carry party to power.In 2009 Naveen was dithering on seat sharing out of his arrogance of winning more seats to assembly and lokasabha and was not ready to share 60:40 basis but BJP high command did not take him into confidence and send Chandan Mitra to negotiate with him which enraged Naveen Pattanaik who broke the alliance. If at that time Advani would have intervened directly things could have been better.
Now I have serious apprehension on his attitude on nominating Narendra Modi for PM post from BJP.He will play his masterstroke saying the JDU is not acceptable to his candidature and also he may connive with Sonia CBI to implicate him in any such case which will lead him to oblivion.Wish Best of Luck to Narendra modi and BJP.whole of india desires to make namo as our pm and bjp shudnt dither on the matter and declare that namo will lead the party to victory in 2014.

I wish Advani shud be Chanakya and Narendra Modi shud be Chandragupta to demolish the White woman rule.