Advani must be chanakya to His disciple Chandragupta

I do have serious reservation on antics of L K Advani who plays dirty games for his own selfish ends. He is having a whole party under his belt. Parliamentary party is under him.He is chairman of NDA and also Chairman of parliamentary board of BJP.His close confidante are well placed as Leader of opposition in Rajyasbha and Lokasabha. He is having media cell in his hands.He is having a coterie aptly named as gang of four(old concept of china) who are controlling the party.Party President is a nominal head and all decisions are taken by Advani.If he likes any one he is elevated to any post and if he dislikes any one he is condemned to hell.But most of BJP supporters on social media don’t buy my theory.But in fact it is true and factually correct. Recently when Nitin Gadkari was just a feet away from anointed as Party president Advani played his master stroke and with connivance of Sonia CBI raided his firms and companies which resulted in his resignation from post of party president before reelected as President for next 3 years although party constitution was revised to give him 2nd term.No it is my assumption is that he will play same master stroke when time comes for elevation of Narendra Modi as PM candidate. Also he will obstruct Namo being kept in charge of nation campaign cell as Chairman.It is my apprehension which may not be true but in the last several months his antics shows he will play a suicidal game. Many leaders of BJP were removed ousted forced out by his coterie.In Jharkhand party was finished out by Arjun Munda.In Karnataka BSY was forced out.In Andhra party cant get root as it lacks an aggressive leader.In WB it has no leader to lead. Odisha is left to some inconsequential leaders who cant carry party to power.In 2009 Naveen was dithering on seat sharing out of his arrogance of winning more seats to assembly and lokasabha and was not ready to share 60:40 basis but BJP high command did not take him into confidence and send Chandan Mitra to negotiate with him which enraged Naveen Pattanaik who broke the alliance. If at that time Advani would have intervened directly things could have been better.
Now I have serious apprehension on his attitude on nominating Narendra Modi for PM post from BJP.He will play his masterstroke saying the JDU is not acceptable to his candidature and also he may connive with Sonia CBI to implicate him in any such case which will lead him to oblivion.Wish Best of Luck to Narendra modi and BJP.whole of india desires to make namo as our pm and bjp shudnt dither on the matter and declare that namo will lead the party to victory in 2014.

I wish Advani shud be Chanakya and Narendra Modi shud be Chandragupta to demolish the White woman rule.


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