BJP must come to power to save India from breaking

We Hindus always lament that Muslim vote bank made all these problems of rise in Muslim fundamentalism, aggression, appeasement all over India but why don’t they do it? They are in a majority country but are in a minority and they worked strategically to hijack our democracy and Hindu nationalism by creating a strong solid and formidable vote bank of 15 % which is unparallel in electoral politics.Hindus may be 80% of total population but they seldom vote in 80% and whenever they vote the votes divided by caste creed race and money.Hindus vote for money in rural areas where Congress succeeded in buying votes in mass of hindus by giving them saree cloth money.In Tamilnadu the parties declare before election that after they comes to power they will give TV Fridge Telephone and many goodies. In other states money played havoc with representation electoral politics.In india 70% of voters living in villages and also 20 to 30 % are still illiterate farm labours who don’t know power of votes.They simply votes on dictates of village elders leaders panchayat family members and money.Congress get votes from rural areas by paying money which BJP cant give.In Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress won the election by Paying huge money to voters.In UP it tried but cant succeed as wave was against Mayavati and Muslim vote totally polarized in support of MSY.In Gujarat Narendra Modi won by fluke.If Keshubhai Patel would not have contested by his party from funds supplied by congress to divide BJP votes then Narendra modi wud have won 150 seats instead of 115 seats.It was a conspiracy by many leaders from BJP to Congress to obstruct Narendra modi coming to Delhi.But when a mass upsurge happens in favour of NAMO every thing will fall in line.A strong wave is blowing across the country in favour of a strong articulate aggressive leader Narendra Modi.And it is time for BJP to take benefit of the wave and comes to power to save India,The Bharat and Hindu dharma from liquidation and breaking up.Now Sonia Gandhi has corrupted whole system by all means of bribery,Threats,Vendetta,Extortion as Foreigners had done to India.Now time is in favour of BJP which should stand fully behind Narendra Modi and support him fully to get them to power by his charismatic speeches and works.He has the capability to energise all grassroot workers to spread all over villages and towns bring all voters to polling booth and make dream true.


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