Hindus wake up and save your country dharma temples and yourself

Sonia’s Christian Muslim Congress knows very well that Hindus are bloody slaves, creeps, leeches who don’t have any respect for nation, religion and People.For Congress Hindus are servile, impotent, passive and corrupt.They know this from win form Uttarakhand and Himachal by bribing hindu voters at the time of election and later halal them by tax and all types of cruelty.Congress knows it is muslims who elevated them to power in 2004 and 2009 as they had voted en-masse in favour congress to Lokasabha to prevent BJP coming to power and actually it is true.To block BJP coming to power Congress showed them fabricated forged video produced by dirty trick deptt of congress abt Gujarat riots all over India and angered Muslims to vote against BJP.But BJP failed to counter them by creating a Hindu vote bank although Muslims are only 15% of total population of 125 crores.Hindus are estimated to be 100 crores but they are really impotent passive selfish corrupt and lazy fellows who don’t know value of their votes.Statitics showed that congress won by getting only 25% of votes and 75% against it.But as there is no proportional voting it won by minority votes.Now Congress says it is public which voted them to power and they have taken them as granted.Now Congress wanted to give all types of benefits subsidies welfare and funds for votes.Hindus votes are granted to them as they are divided by caste and religion.Hindu sant sadhvi and baba are enjoying their funds in their 5 star asharms and dare not go to people for showing them the actual perils on them.BJP is full of traitors as Advani is purchased, blackmailed and suppressed by CBI and Sonia.He cant wage war on her atrocities and cruelty on hindus .Also he is pressurized to put all types of obstacles on the path of Namo so that he won’t come to Delhi.It is also apprehended that by election time more and more cases will be launched against namo and a pliable CJI will put brakes on her elevation.We have to find out new leader and new party for removing congress fully and finally.We hope all sadhu sants and mahatma will fight for rights of hindus bring them to one platform and create a strong hindu vote bank.all frauds sadhu will be weeded out.Now Baba Ramdev has the daunting task of bringing all sadhu into one platform who declare all hindus to vote out Congress and its allies out of India.Congress is curse to Bharat and Hindu dharma.Time comes to awaken whole 100 crores hindus and educate them about impending perils of islamisation Christianization of Hindus and India.


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