Police act of 1861 is to be replaced by a modern indian act

INDIAN POLICE ACT 1861 must be removed and we should bring a new police law immediately to protect each and every Indian from any such act of violence by barbarians. We need a humanitarian police not an occupier police. The said act was formulated by British, the occupier of India in 1861, which is in vogue since last 151 years and never amended. It is meant to suppress Indian by their British masters but after 1947 all the British acts should have been changed. Now the act provides huge powers to police but not to general public. We need to emulate USA France law and implement such acts which provide help to any Indian or guest of India tourists all forms of help all over India. Now Delhi police must be placed under Delhi assembly and Delhi CM.The Home ministry shouldn’t have the DP under its belt. The DP is a brutal force which is colonial in its attitude. The Home Ministry must dilute its powers on DP and Handover all the powers to CM of Delhi. The DP now wants to prosecute Zee TV for showing ordeals faced by the couple after rape and brutal acts of violence on them. It is a brutal inhuman act and both were lying naked on road after thrown away by the brutes from Bus but none cared to give them any help although hundreds passer by pass through the road out fear that police will implicate them for any crime. Delhi Police also did not act although three PCR vans passed on that road. As well they discussed in which police station jurisdiction the crime occurred. The mentality of DP is not only cruel but also barbaric. It is a mentality of an occupying force on India. We are living in a colonial regime ruled by a colonial police act shame on us we are saying ourselves as independent and our constitution allowed the acts to rule us. Actually a violent revolution needed to change the system and acts. The govt has formed many commissions from SARKARIA commission to Police commission and Electoral reforms but all the recommendations kept in deep freezer. Why the commissions are formed when the govt knows very well that they would never be implemented for their selfish ends.GOI has formed Commission to recommend reforms in Police ,PDS,State centre relations and the recommendations reports are submitted with cost of crores but the reports need to be implemented for betterment of lives.Let all the reports be discussed in parliament and if parliament found them effective let them be implemented. Why these reports are not finding light of day is shrouded in mystery. Now the Delhi rape case is a taboo for all.None wants to it to be discussed.DP wants to punish Zee TV for showing interview with the male colleague of raped girl saying identity is revealed but When Media exposed the identity of girl, political demands raised for naming anti rape law on her name, how the identity is not compromised or revealed? Truly DP is a occupying force and must be tamed by transfer of powers to state govt from central govt. Sheila Dixit is right on her demand to handover powers on her ministry to tame Delhi Police.Delhi police is a occupying force of Britishers.It behaved cruelly on BRD at RLM.It behaved badly on ANNA.Now it says PCR vans have no area region as they have to look whole delhi which is highly untrue and full of lies.TNSS correspondent shows that the DELHI POLICE 100 never works.The PCR vans never reaches in time.Auto rickshaw Drivers are rude crook unchallenged. Delhi Police is corrupt to core collecting hafta from autowallas who taking them as rider.DP should be disbanded and handed over to Delhi Govt for better administration.

Rape of the hapless girl by the so-called minor juvenile on 16th DEC night is being treated as communal minority appeasement by the UPA govt to save the Muslim boy from gallows in not only slap on justice of India but also all the protestors who fought with Govt in India gate since last 20 days. It is not only disgusting but also depressing to all that the so-called savior of democracy, lights of rights owners of main stream media has gone blind dumb and deaf on the sad state of affairs in their studios where in the so called journos shows only biased news & views and highly communal toned news. It is these so-called journos differentiate between Hindus and Muslims. In democracy there is no religion or communal tone but actual truth be shown. In 16th Dec Delhi rape and Murder case 6 person were arrested by DP on investigation and out the 6 persons 5 are Hindus whose names are published by the media fully but one person who is a Muslim his name was not shown by MSMs.The so-called champions of democracy Media houses brought to India on FDI are having pre meditated dangerous mindset to divide the country on religion basis and spread deep hatred among Hindu & Muslims and ruin the secular fabric of Nation. The country is slowly pushed by them to Civil war as they defends Muslims criminals terrorists hardliners fanatics and showed them as democrats and secular persons.(Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi).MIM,Muslim League are not communal parties but BJP SHS SAD MNS are communal parties for them. Shame on all these biased communal Media who preach secularism to us but when we fight for our rights we are being branded as communal.CNNIBN NDTV TIMESNOW HEADLINES TODAY are now purchased by Christian and Muslim corporate money bags on directions of a fascist Sonia maino.It is writ of her running in whole govt media houses TV news Print etc.She has enormous powers by which she blackmails them.If her word is not abide by them she ruins them by no time engaging all govt machinery against them.ZEE news is an example of her vendetta and fascism. The case is unfolding slowly and shows the bizarre violent acts of all rapists.


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