For Narendra Bhai Modi Gujarat BJP infighting was not public but a group was propped up by Advani gang to defeat him and minimize his strength so that Namo would not come to Delhi to claim the post of Party President and PM. And they succeeded in their attempt and conspiracy. Namo was telling that on 20th the victory will be spectacular and a diwali will be performed but due to decrease in his seats from 117 to 115 dampened his spirits. All the conspiracy was hatched by Advani’s gang of 4 with collusion of Sonia who spent huge money on their directions and they propped up Keshubhai Patel to create a new party GPP at the election time get it recognized by ECI at once at the middle of night and huge fund of 200 crores was given to him to defeat namo at any cost.He was having nurturing a grouse against Namo from the very beginning and after getting monetary support he placed all his candidates in all 182 seats.It was done only to divide the BJPs votes and cut namo votes to defeat him or marginalized him. Congress Sonia and BJP dread arrival of namo in National scene too much and they don’t want him to come to national politics.If he would arrive then all the BJP TOP leaders will lose their relevance in BJP and he would be a messiah of mass.Sonia fears him too much that if he would be PM by peoples love for him he would made her life hell and congress will be destroyed beyond recognition and in future congress will never comes again.Nitish kumar is being propped up by Advani gang to stop namos PM adventures.

Namo will be national hero by his style of talking working and his agenda of development,visions for a strong super power India will endear him among masses.He will be charismatic leader if he would be PM for 5 years.Alos this not a mirage and improbability as the awakening among Hindu is growing its unity polarization and consolidation of votes.In recent elections Congress succeeded in Uttarakhand ,Assam,Himachal Pradesh by the faulty policies of BJP bosses and also EVM tampering. In TN WB UP Congress failed.In Kerala CPM cant get support so Congress stitched up a ministry with all communal terrorists parties of Muslims who are now converting Kerala the land of Gods as a new mecca.We hope Namo will be our PM and save us from tyrant fascist congress.If Namo will not be given post of president on 10th January and PM nominee then BJP will be wiped out from Indian history very soon and Namo will be our sole leader with his role as a regional leader with all BJP and all non congress patriotic nationalist regional satraps following him. Today JJ supported him and agreed to attend his oath ceremony.We are astonished to see silence by all Delhi leaders of BJP who did not utter single word in favour of Narendra Bhai after his victory which shows their anathema to Namo and deep conspiracy to halt him in Gujarat.If BJP is not improving it is because of D4 and its top boss Advani who are having a deep rooted conspiracy to elect congress and get their monthly salary from Sonia.These leaders could have raised issue of EVM tampering and file cases in SC to ban EVMs or get orders for paper counter foil for every vote cast so that EVMs cant be tampered. The Gujarat and HP elections showed that EVMs were tampered with the Microchips containing commands to convert all votes in favour of lotus to hand.



NarendraBhai,Please start your march to save India from chaos,anarchy,depression,destabilization,divide,secession by touring whole of India very soon. Election is very near and it wud be held all of a sudden. Congress has finalized details and the election may be held before monsoon or soon after monsoon.They have set up their own PM and he is Chidambaram. But it needs hard work as Narendra Bhai Modi has shown in the last 2/3 months all over Gujarat. He toured each and every village, constituency; hamlets with hard hitting eloquent speech mesmerized all voters. Narendra Modi presented himself as a charismatic leader, messiah of the masses. In his 10 years of rule in Gujarat he had showed that it is possible within the limitations of all the laws, rules, and regulations to work wonders for the people.But Sonia Gandhi with a group of NGOs,Lawyers, Media Groups engaged him relentlessly in vicious slanders and insinuations to tarnish his image as a good administrator and showed him as a dictator, cruel,insensitive,communal,murderer.


But all these slanders worked positively for him as people understand that all these are false frauds and malicious.He gained by their slanders and climbed the rope.Now whole of India has high hopes on him and his ability to change india.EX- military personals, Army, police force  supports him for his objectivity and plain talks.He never talked rubbish or malicious against any of his political rivals although they are deadly against him.


Sonia Gandhi wanted to trap him several times with SC appointed SIT and Teesta Shetalvad Javed Khans NGOs but failed to sent him to jail.It is a matter of shame for some media houses who played into the hands of Sonia Gandhi either by force, blackmail or money to tarnish image of Narendra Modi.It is strange that some leaders of BJP in National level played into the hands of Sonia Gandhi to check entry of Narendra Modi to national Politics to be appointed as President this year and later on nominee for PM.But People love him and wants him to lead the nation for its development in all sectors.If these selfish leaders of BJP will not allow Narendra Modi as PM and party President the future of India Hindus and BJP is doomed.Now time has arrived for unity of Hindus for polarization, consolidation of their votes irrespective of caste creed race religion sects for a strong backlash against a aggressive belligerent Muslim and Fraduster thugs Christian who are holding the country at ransom and blackmail it in every and each sphere. Namo is panacea to all ills in India and needs to appointed as National President of BJP and Nominee for PM post by BJP.NDA would be automatically strengthened when BJP gets a thumping majority and few short to 272 in LS.Narendra Modi has become ICON of Hindu unity and patriotism. He is catalyst in uniting, polarizing, consolidating and creating a strong Hindu vote Bank which will change the course of Indian history and future of India from a Muslim dominated state to a Hindu dominated state.When 15% Muslims by their vote bank can hijack,dictate,held,ransom whole India why and how 100 Crores Hindus cant do the same.


Muslims must come to national mainstream from their self imposed exile. They must remove congress and all other parties like SP, BSP, RJD, LJP, DMK, NCP who champion their causes only on speech but done nothing for muslims.They had made Muslims as sacrificial goat in last 65 years of partition. Still they use them as vote banks but never cared to do anything for them. Duration of 65 years is not a joke or small time to achieve any goal if they would have initiated any fruitful action. They must be prepared to assimilate with Hindus who have accepted them as their brothers in development. No Muslims country had allowed so many facilities to Hindus in their country as a Hindu majority India has done so with the minority muslims.TV Films Theatre has maximum of Muslim faith actors and actresses. Our army is secular where Muslims and Christians get the same rank and file as of a Hindu. In administration they are in high pedestals. In education sectors they also created their name and fame by their highest quality. But still they think that they are minorities. If one thinks itself as negative they would remain negative. They need to get out of their shells and became partners in progress in India. Their motherland is India and they can’t go elsewhere and India also could not remain as a country without them. But they must have to abandon their negative attitude and relinquish vote bank mentality. They must come out of their self imposed exile and built a new India. If Muslims would think themselves as citizens of India they would progress and develop. They must have to remove their negative mentality and root out their low confidence. In many cases a few youths from Muslims clan get brainwashed by the propaganda by Pakistan Army, ISI and Dawood to wage war on India and kill innocents but they should think that they are doing more harm to their clan and religion. They are doing harm to India who has given them all and everything. It is their foremost duty to come out of their cocoons and built a super power India. Many Muslims were presidents of India in past like ZAKEER HUSSAIN,F.A.Ahmed,Dr.A.P.J.Abul Kalam as president of India. Many scientists are from Islam and many are in the fields of journalism.We are proud to have M.J.AKBER as a great editor. We are having DILLIP KUMAR, SHAHRUKH KHAN,SAKPATAUDI, SALMAN KHAN,WAHEEDA RAHMAN,MEENAKUMARi as actresses,actors.India is a mixture of hindu islam tahzib and all should vow to remove communalism from their minds. If Muslims would abdicate their so-professed anti Hindu stand they would be great achievers. CONGRESS, NCP, RJD, SP, BSP, TMC, LJP have used them as toilet papers.In Music,dance,songs Muslims have excelled.In handloom sector all they glitter but it is unfortunate that they are enamored with wahhabism in recent times and started distancing themselves from hindus.They are sacrificial goats of Congress and its allies.If they wouldnot change their attitude then there would be more polarization and unity of Hindus which would make them orphan abandoned and side tracked.we think and treat Muslims as assets of India but unfortunately some of them want 2 b liability to India.

India under British was partitioned along religion lines and Pakistan was created out of India and all the Muslims were told to migrate to their homeland and all Hindus were told to migrate to Hindu India and in that migration communal holocaust erupted killing millions of Hindus and their property looted by the barbaric Muslim killers, Hindu women were raped and kidnapped, children and kids were brutally killed on swords and arrows. But India was made as a secular nation only for the majority of Muslims left thereafter in India who preferred to remain India’s where does Hindus abdicated their responsibility .They had helped all Muslim brethrens by benevolence and affection.muslims of Hindu India were never treated as 2nd class citizen in India by people. The govt has also accepted all their demands of creating their separate Muslim personal law, Aligarh Muslim University and all their mosques and prayer halls were given all due respect and love. But in Pakistan the Hindus were treated as 3rd class citizens, their temples destroyed and burnt, their property encroached forcibly,govt kept silent seeing all the insults and humiliations. So the Indian Muslims of 20 crores need not fear as the Hindus are benevolent and friendly if they would remain friendly, if they did go against them then the fire of volcanoes would erupt again. In 2002 GUJ riot what happened is system failure which shows that Congress abused Muslims for its rule and used them as vote banks. Congress never cared for them and allowed equality and assimilation. The phobia of minorities was impregnated into them and the clergy from Muslims were allowed to use the innocent illiterate masses of Muslims. In any riot like situation some lives lost but it the brevity of Narendra Modi as CM of Gujarat in 2002 stopped all riots within 3 days with Iron hands but the paid media and Paid NGOs relentlessly carried on a propaganda against Narendra Modi ass all of them wanted to install a Muslim Govt at Centre and provoked Muslims by goebblesian propaganda all over country to stop BJP coming to power.The alienation of Muslims has gave them good dividend by bringing all NON BJP parties into one platform and stop it coming to power in 2004 elections BSP were held in ransom by instituting DA cases against Mayavati and Mulayam.CBI is now doing all types of  mischief under instruction of Sonia and her coterie. Muslims are sacrificial goat and killed in halal by Congress and appeasement of them by orders of clergies who are now power brokers with UPA govt.BJP is no enemy of any Muslim but the fear psychosis penetrated among Muslims against BJP is so much that they can’t go against the dictates of deoband. Now deoband is playing communal politics with orders from Sonia and her coterie.One thing Muslims understand that too much of anything is detrimental of health.If Muslims would carry on their communal agenda as shown by Owaisi bros of MIM then the Hindu unity and polarization would be more dangerous for them. Owaisi brothers angering Hindus by blasphemous talks and arrogance against Hindus in Hyderabad.They should know that patience of Hindus have a limit and they should not test their patience.Muslims allowed to live in India peacefully if they treat India as motherland and Hindus as brothers. They shouldn’t behave like their masters.




Delhi was recaptured by Marathas on 14th January,but now so called Maratha and Marathi pride Thackeray Family is not proud of their Maratha ancestors who saved Hinduism and defeated islam.Balasaheb was a true Maratha and showed a grand Hindusm as his goal.But now his Son Uddhab Thackeray and nephew Raj Thackeray are discarding Hindutva and nationalism patriotism for petty regionalism. If both would have patronized Hindutva as core vote banks and taken a whole India as their platform they could have earned love affection of all hindus of India who wants a savior of sorts who can fight with enemies of hindus.But have failed Hindus by their narrow minded regionalism. Now there is also optimum time for them to rise above petty politics of regionalism and go national with a vibrant vigorous Hindutva as core vote bank.Whole of Indian hindu needs  a messiah and charismatic person as Hindu mascot and Raj Thackeray can fulfill the void created by Balasaheb’s death by spearheading a strong Hindutva and wearing a hindu mask and tour whole of india.It is time to save Hindutva which has been done by Shivajee  during his life time and also after his life time.Maharashtra is full of Hindutvavadi patriots and nationalists and   now we hope both Thackeray brothers will come up to our expectations.period








The communal divide by Delhi Police and MSM are last straw on Hindu Muslim unity. Now no Hindus will trust any Muslim in villages and also anywhere in the country. The alienation would be full and final by seeing the cruel nature of Muslims and Hindu wud start hate all Muslims as enemy of society and family values.It is a steps in the direction to a partition of India or Civil war like Shrilanka where in Govt has to step in the liquidate Shri Lankan Tamils who demanded a separate state for themselves and the LTTE waged war on Shrilanka but when the peace loving Buddhist get aggressive the Army and Shrilanka people made mincemeat of tamilians in Shrilanka.The same will be occurring in India if Indian Muslims would wage war on India and insult its army security forces as exhorted by highly communal rabid fanatic Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi.They are waking of a sleeping giant Hindu for their own peril.





Most Horrific & horrendous crime of that so called juvenile who now pretend as a minor by showing off a fabricated forged DOB as 17 years 8 months as touted by a criminal lawyer of his clan to save him from gallows, is that he has called the girl as sister and allowed ride them into a vacant bus only with all six vultures who were preying for an women to sexually abuse her.Also he raped her twice taking her into back seat after beating her with iron rod which used for opening tyres of vehicles.When she protested him he inserted the same iron rod into her vagina and screwed up her womb ruptured her ovary uterus and intestine. All these shows how cruel he is and no human being apart from Muslim can be so cruel. In Kargil war Pakistani soldiers also done same brutal inhuman acts on the body of Indian soldiers. Such types of brutal barbaric heinous crimes done by Muslims only and no Hindu does such violent acts.Now he is being saved by none other than wife of CJI who is chairperson of childrens society.Now MSM is silent on name and religion of the main accused and he is being saved by Delhi Police who did not slapped any charges on him but sent him to Juvenile board.How can DP determined his age when investigation still under progress as the DOB produced by the muslim boy is fake fabricated and forged.How he got his DOB immediately and showed it to DP when the case is under progress. It is a predetermined act of DP to save the boy as he is a muslim.If he would have been other than a Muslim then he would be charge sheeted without taking the authenticity of the Birth certificate as produced by the Boy. TV news shows that he had fled from his house in Badayun at the age of 6 years and never read in any school but now faked DOB from a School leaving certificate which he never attended.

If He is being let off by the UPA govt considering him as a Muslim and juvenile then whole edifice of Indian law will crumble. People will lose all trust and faith on law of land and a revolution would start all over india.thats communal divide wud suit Congress now but when election would come it may play majority card and hand the Muslim criminals to show that it cares fro majority hindus.just now no Hindu would be hoodwinked by congress policy of making fools of Hindus.Today Law Minister salman Khurseed told that the criminal law regarding juvenile act cant be changed with retrospective effect and hinted that the socalled juvenile criminal Mohamad Afroj would be let off by mere 3 years in Bal Sudhar gruha.



Rape of the hapless girl by the so-called minor juvenile on 16th DEC night is being treated as communal minority appeasement by the UPA govt to save the Muslim boy from gallows in not only slap on justice of India but also all the protestors who fought with Govt in India gate since last 20 days. It is not only disgusting but also depressing to all that the so-called savior of democracy, lights of rights owners of main stream media has gone blind dumb and deaf on the sad state of affairs in their studios where in the  so called journos shows only biased news & views and highly communal toned news. It is these so-called journos differentiate between Hindus and Muslims. In democracy there is no religion or communal tone but actual truth be shown. In 16th Dec Delhi rape and Murder case 6 person were arrested by DP on investigation and out the 6 persons 5 are Hindus whose names are published by the media fully but one person who is a Muslim his name was not shown by MSMs.The so-called champions of democracy Media houses brought to India on FDI are having pre meditated dangerous mindset to divide the country on religion basis and spread deep hatred among Hindu & Muslims and ruin the secular fabric of Nation. The country is slowly pushed by them to Civil war as they defends Muslims criminals terrorists hardliners fanatics and showed them as democrats and secular persons.(Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi).MIM,Muslim League are not communal parties but BJP SHS SAD MNS are communal parties for them. Shame on all these biased communal Media who preach secularism to us but when we fight for our rights we are being branded as communal.CNNIBN NDTV TIMESNOW HEADLINES TODAY are now purchased by Christian and Muslim corporate money bags on directions of a fascist Sonia maino.It is writ of her running in whole govt media houses TV news Print etc.She has enormous powers by which she blackmails them.If her word is not abide by them she ruins them by no time engaging all govt machinery against them.ZEE news is an example of her vendetta and fascism. The case is unfolding slowly and shows the bizarre violent acts of all rapists.


INDIAN POLICE ACT 1861 must be removed and we should bring a new police law immediately to protect each and every Indian from any such act of violence by barbarians. We need a humanitarian police not an occupier police. The said act was formulated by British, the occupier of India in 1861, which is in vogue since last 151 years and never amended. It is meant to suppress Indian by their British masters but after 1947 all the British acts should have been changed. Now the act provides huge powers to police but not to general public. We need to emulate USA France law and implement such acts which provide help to any Indian or guest of India tourists all forms of help all over India. Now Delhi police must be placed under Delhi assembly and Delhi CM.The Home ministry shouldn’t have the DP under its belt. The DP is a brutal force which is colonial in its attitude. The Home Ministry must dilute its powers on DP and Handover all the powers to CM of Delhi. The DP now wants to prosecute Zee TV for showing ordeals faced by the couple after rape and brutal acts of violence on them. It is a brutal inhuman act and both were lying naked on road after thrown away by the brutes from Bus but none cared to give them any help although hundreds passer by pass through the road out fear that police will implicate them for any crime. Delhi Police also did not act although three PCR vans passed on that road. As well they discussed in which police station jurisdiction the crime occurred. The mentality of DP is not only cruel but also barbaric. It is a mentality of an occupying force on India. We are living in a colonial regime ruled by a colonial police act shame on us we are saying ourselves as independent and our constitution allowed the acts to rule us. Actually a violent revolution needed to change the system and acts. The govt has formed many commissions from SARKARIA commission to Police commission and Electoral reforms but all the recommendations kept in deep freezer. Why the commissions are formed when the govt knows very well that they would never be implemented for their selfish ends.GOI has formed Commission to recommend reforms in Police ,PDS,State centre relations and the recommendations reports are submitted with cost of crores but the reports need to be implemented for betterment of lives.Let all the reports be discussed in parliament and if parliament found them effective let them be implemented. Why these reports are not finding light of day is shrouded in mystery. Now the Delhi rape case is a taboo for all.None wants to it to be discussed.DP wants to punish Zee TV for showing interview with the male colleague of raped girl saying identity is revealed but When Media exposed the identity of girl, political demands raised for naming anti rape law on her name, how the identity is not compromised or revealed? Truly DP is a occupying force and must be tamed by transfer of powers to state govt from central govt. Sheila Dixit is right on her demand to handover powers on her ministry to tame Delhi Police.Delhi police is a occupying force of Britishers.It behaved cruelly on BRD at RLM.It behaved badly on ANNA.Now it says PCR vans have no area region as they have to look whole delhi which is highly untrue and full of lies.TNSS correspondent shows that the DELHI POLICE 100 never works.The PCR vans never reaches in time.Auto rickshaw Drivers are rude crook unchallenged. Delhi Police is corrupt to core collecting hafta from autowallas who taking them as rider.DP should be disbanded and handed over to Delhi Govt for better administration.


It is a matter of regret that BJP RSS VHP are not fighting for justice to the detenus of Malegaon blast case.Samjhauta Express case still now. The case is false or true will be decided by courts  and the matter is subjudice but why the case is not fast tracked and continuous hearing of the case is being done.The arrested are slapped with MOCOACA by ATS of Mumbai.But the case is not taking its steps as legal cases should have.The Charge sheet is not filed.The law prescribed for filing of charge sheet within a specific time of maximum of 6 months from date of arrest but in the case no charge sheet is filed since last 5 years.The Maharashtra Police is doing disservice to law by detention of the accused fo so long with being tried in proper court of law.CBI NIA are delaying the matter by putting nails in the case.When the case is being handled by ATS how it is not handled by CBI or NIA and if all these three agencies are investigating the case they should be amalgamated 2 one and file a broad CS on the case.The accused are denied bail by the courts although all the accused in similar cases are being granted bail as CBI NIA ATS did not objected granting of bail to the accused as they were Muslims and the accused in these cases are Hindus.So it is pure persecution witch hunt of hindus by a Muslim govts at centre and Maharashtra and all the security agencies are working like dogs of the woman accused named Sadhvi Pragyan is being humiliated targeted and ill treated by  the police ATS NIA CBI and jail authorities and she is suffering from terminal illness.But Courts deny her bail.The law of land prescribed that no accused can be detained in jail as under trial prisoner if the charge sheet is not filed by the agencies concerned in due time.SC has also ordered it but lower courts working under the dictates of ruling party as if courts are under the ruling party. Now CBI arresting innocent persons by linking them in the case falsely fraudulently and give a bad name to Hindus as terrorists and fanatics. The govt is highly communal and anti Hindu by virtue of a Christian roman catholic woman as head of state being the president of AICC who is ruling by iron hands with a vindictive mindset. We urge all Hindu lawyers to fight for bails to the so called accused and also BJP RSS VP leaders to fight against brutality of Sonia Congress govt.The Congress has divided India on communal lines by acting against Hindus with a venegeance.Time coming for its death very near as Hindus are more vocal and polarized. The impossible thing has been done by Sonia by uniting, polarizing and consolidating Hindu voters to root out congress full and final.


MR.Ram Jethmalani,It is our sincere request that you should fight the case of all Hindu accused in Malegaon blast,Samjhauta Express Blast,Mecca maszid blast fabricated forged and conspired by Congress with the help of ATS CBI NIA and IB to float the charade that Hindus are terrorists and RSS BJP are training camps of Hindu terrorists. The speech by HM Shinde is in that direction. The main aim of the congress govt is that they will brand Hindus as terrorists and also brand RSS BJP as terrorist parties to put a ban on them at a opportune time when they would be at loss and cant fight election on the symbol of LOTUS.It seems to be true and factually correct.The Congress govt can go to any extent to bar BJP getting into power as they very well know that if BJP will come to power or gets simple majority Narendra Modi would be PM and when he would be PM then Congress will never came to power for another 1000 years in India and all corrupt congressman will be put in jail their ill gotten wealth & property confiscated for corruption all looted wealth hidden in foreign banks be retrieved and returned back to India.We have high apprehension that Sonia Gandhi will impose emergency by engineering communal riots on some parts and ban RSS BJP .We hope you can well understand our fears and predicaments.It is a matter of regret that the order of SC for trials of all cases within the specified period,Chargesheet be filed within specified period,NO UTP in jail without trial for longer than it meant for.But in the case of Sadhvi Pragyan Singh Thakur and Colonel Purohit all law as are violated by Govt, Prosecuting agencies, Investigating agencies.It is high time that an renowned Lawyer of BJP should fight free of cost the cases of hapless innocent Hindus and save them fro tyranny of a fascist communal Muslim govt at centre.We have high hopes on you and your ability to provide legal help for their save from incarceration. Also the cases be fast tracked and trial resumed with all earnestness by GOI and investigating/Prosecuting agencies.The evidenced be produced soon and verified.As there is no proof evidence the govt is delaying case till election to do some nasty things to BJP and RSS just before election.It is my presumption, may not be true but the circumstances and situation warranted me to think so.