Advani must be chanakya to His disciple Chandragupta

Bharat Bachao Hindu Bachao Congress hatao

I do have serious reservation on antics of L K Advani who plays dirty games for his own selfish ends. He is having a whole party under his belt. Parliamentary party is under him.He is chairman of NDA and also Chairman of parliamentary board of BJP.His close confidante are well placed as Leader of opposition in Rajyasbha and Lokasabha. He is having media cell in his hands.He is having a coterie aptly named as gang of four(old concept of china) who are controlling the party.Party President is a nominal head and all decisions are taken by Advani.If he likes any one he is elevated to any post and if he dislikes any one he is condemned to hell.But most of BJP supporters on social media don’t buy my theory.But in fact it is true and factually correct. Recently when Nitin Gadkari was just a feet away from anointed as Party…

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