Delhi was recaptured by Marathas on 14th January,but now so called Maratha and Marathi pride Thackeray Family is not proud of their Maratha ancestors who saved Hinduism and defeated islam.Balasaheb was a true Maratha and showed a grand Hindusm as his goal.But now his Son Uddhab Thackeray and nephew Raj Thackeray are discarding Hindutva and nationalism patriotism for petty regionalism. If both would have patronized Hindutva as core vote banks and taken a whole India as their platform they could have earned love affection of all hindus of India who wants a savior of sorts who can fight with enemies of hindus.But have failed Hindus by their narrow minded regionalism. Now there is also optimum time for them to rise above petty politics of regionalism and go national with a vibrant vigorous Hindutva as core vote bank.Whole of Indian hindu needs  a messiah and charismatic person as Hindu mascot and Raj Thackeray can fulfill the void created by Balasaheb’s death by spearheading a strong Hindutva and wearing a hindu mask and tour whole of india.It is time to save Hindutva which has been done by Shivajee  during his life time and also after his life time.Maharashtra is full of Hindutvavadi patriots and nationalists and   now we hope both Thackeray brothers will come up to our expectations.period








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