For Narendra Bhai Modi Gujarat BJP infighting was not public but a group was propped up by Advani gang to defeat him and minimize his strength so that Namo would not come to Delhi to claim the post of Party President and PM. And they succeeded in their attempt and conspiracy. Namo was telling that on 20th the victory will be spectacular and a diwali will be performed but due to decrease in his seats from 117 to 115 dampened his spirits. All the conspiracy was hatched by Advani’s gang of 4 with collusion of Sonia who spent huge money on their directions and they propped up Keshubhai Patel to create a new party GPP at the election time get it recognized by ECI at once at the middle of night and huge fund of 200 crores was given to him to defeat namo at any cost.He was having nurturing a grouse against Namo from the very beginning and after getting monetary support he placed all his candidates in all 182 seats.It was done only to divide the BJPs votes and cut namo votes to defeat him or marginalized him. Congress Sonia and BJP dread arrival of namo in National scene too much and they don’t want him to come to national politics.If he would arrive then all the BJP TOP leaders will lose their relevance in BJP and he would be a messiah of mass.Sonia fears him too much that if he would be PM by peoples love for him he would made her life hell and congress will be destroyed beyond recognition and in future congress will never comes again.Nitish kumar is being propped up by Advani gang to stop namos PM adventures.

Namo will be national hero by his style of talking working and his agenda of development,visions for a strong super power India will endear him among masses.He will be charismatic leader if he would be PM for 5 years.Alos this not a mirage and improbability as the awakening among Hindu is growing its unity polarization and consolidation of votes.In recent elections Congress succeeded in Uttarakhand ,Assam,Himachal Pradesh by the faulty policies of BJP bosses and also EVM tampering. In TN WB UP Congress failed.In Kerala CPM cant get support so Congress stitched up a ministry with all communal terrorists parties of Muslims who are now converting Kerala the land of Gods as a new mecca.We hope Namo will be our PM and save us from tyrant fascist congress.If Namo will not be given post of president on 10th January and PM nominee then BJP will be wiped out from Indian history very soon and Namo will be our sole leader with his role as a regional leader with all BJP and all non congress patriotic nationalist regional satraps following him. Today JJ supported him and agreed to attend his oath ceremony.We are astonished to see silence by all Delhi leaders of BJP who did not utter single word in favour of Narendra Bhai after his victory which shows their anathema to Namo and deep conspiracy to halt him in Gujarat.If BJP is not improving it is because of D4 and its top boss Advani who are having a deep rooted conspiracy to elect congress and get their monthly salary from Sonia.These leaders could have raised issue of EVM tampering and file cases in SC to ban EVMs or get orders for paper counter foil for every vote cast so that EVMs cant be tampered. The Gujarat and HP elections showed that EVMs were tampered with the Microchips containing commands to convert all votes in favour of lotus to hand.


3 thoughts on “BJP MUST BRING NAMO AS PM

  1. It is high time at least Chauthi Duniya thinks an ever age Bharatiya will think also R.S.S. who you think is CIA of India Thant it is disgraceful that our Soldiers head has been mutilate in our territory in Bangal And Assam ulfa is killing thousands Indian ,Madhya pradesh and Chhatisgadh has displaced people killing their own Indian people and what the so called CIA as described by Chauthi duniya is doing in India ,please don’t think rss is that intelligent and not able to organise 80percent of Indian ,and disgrace that after 65 years of independence all BHartiyas ARYAS are not able to organise ,wake up and let SRI MOdi be the prime minister .

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