Most Horrific & horrendous crime of that so called juvenile who now pretend as a minor by showing off a fabricated forged DOB as 17 years 8 months as touted by a criminal lawyer of his clan to save him from gallows, is that he has called the girl as sister and allowed ride them into a vacant bus only with all six vultures who were preying for an women to sexually abuse her.Also he raped her twice taking her into back seat after beating her with iron rod which used for opening tyres of vehicles.When she protested him he inserted the same iron rod into her vagina and screwed up her womb ruptured her ovary uterus and intestine. All these shows how cruel he is and no human being apart from Muslim can be so cruel. In Kargil war Pakistani soldiers also done same brutal inhuman acts on the body of Indian soldiers. Such types of brutal barbaric heinous crimes done by Muslims only and no Hindu does such violent acts.Now he is being saved by none other than wife of CJI who is chairperson of childrens society.Now MSM is silent on name and religion of the main accused and he is being saved by Delhi Police who did not slapped any charges on him but sent him to Juvenile board.How can DP determined his age when investigation still under progress as the DOB produced by the muslim boy is fake fabricated and forged.How he got his DOB immediately and showed it to DP when the case is under progress. It is a predetermined act of DP to save the boy as he is a muslim.If he would have been other than a Muslim then he would be charge sheeted without taking the authenticity of the Birth certificate as produced by the Boy. TV news shows that he had fled from his house in Badayun at the age of 6 years and never read in any school but now faked DOB from a School leaving certificate which he never attended.

If He is being let off by the UPA govt considering him as a Muslim and juvenile then whole edifice of Indian law will crumble. People will lose all trust and faith on law of land and a revolution would start all over india.thats communal divide wud suit Congress now but when election would come it may play majority card and hand the Muslim criminals to show that it cares fro majority hindus.just now no Hindu would be hoodwinked by congress policy of making fools of Hindus.Today Law Minister salman Khurseed told that the criminal law regarding juvenile act cant be changed with retrospective effect and hinted that the socalled juvenile criminal Mohamad Afroj would be let off by mere 3 years in Bal Sudhar gruha.



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