BJP is the only party which don’t want to come to power at centre although people wants to bring them to power.These D4 are simply lazy and incorrigible.In TV debates they send idiots, morons, and fools as spokesperson to debate in a hostile atmosphere when all the other participants and anchors are dead against BJP.Although they know that in present time TV media determines voting pattern and it is a media which works as a canvasser and campaigner for parties in election.Now almost all TV news channels are slaves of Congress and Sonia and they are dead against BJP and Narendra Modi in particular.But BJP never planned bringing any TV news channel of a neutral transparent type which would put up news of BJP and spokesperson daily.It has not made arrangements to go to press daily with the latest happenings.It is only party which never cared for workers and cadres in the party.It is also shows as highly moralistic and throws out Yedurappa although there was no serious charges against him with a conspiracy to oust him and install Ananth Kumar as the BJP chief in Karnataka.BJP has been weakened by the steps by Advani gang and not only Gadkari but also Rajnath Singh also couldnot save the situation in Karnataka where in BJP is going to lose very badly.What is their intention we don’t know but it is destructive ruinous for BJP,Hindus and India.If BJP can’t get substantial seats from Karnataka and Jharkhand it would not get the majority to rule.It is sabotage by D4 and Advani gang to destroy BJP fully.He is undermining BJP by following a suicidal policy.It is surprising that Election to Karnataka is declared for 5th May and BJP has to win assembly election at any cost to win substantial LS seats next but it has not re organized the parliamentary board and also included all the top most leadership in the board and oust all gang of Advani.Unless Advani is retired and his gang is ousted future of BJP is bleak.We lost all hopes on the leadership of BJP and hope that Congress is going to lose badly and there is no party to fill in the vacuum created by Congress.BJP wont come with Advani as head and Namo totally side tracked.GOD SAVE BJP HINDUS AND BHARAT

What are we 125 crores Indian doing? Are we truly a democracy or autocracy mobocracy or colony of Italy? One foreign lady comes to India and now ruling 125 crores Indian by fascism. All pillars are democracy are seized and sabotaged. Nothing moves in India without waver of her hands.She is dictator in chief of India.She had buyed all Media persons,Judiciary and executives.CBI is in her hands.Now Mulayam also accepts that Sonia is abusing powers for her corrupt means and suppressing all.CBI is henchman of Sonia like Gestapo of Nazi Germany Hitler. Sonia is Hitler re-incarnate,PC is Himler.We are jews to be burnt alive in cauldrons.Abhi hum sab Raj tantra me hain yahan koi prajatantra nahi hain.


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