The communal divide by Delhi Police and MSM are last straw on Hindu Muslim unity. Now no Hindus will trust any Muslim in villages and also anywhere in the country. The alienation would be full and final by seeing the cruel nature of Muslims and Hindu wud start hate all Muslims as enemy of society and family values.It is a steps in the direction to a partition of India or Civil war like Shrilanka where in Govt has to step in the liquidate Shri Lankan Tamils who demanded a separate state for themselves and the LTTE waged war on Shrilanka but when the peace loving Buddhist get aggressive the Army and Shrilanka people made mincemeat of tamilians in Shrilanka.The same will be occurring in India if Indian Muslims would wage war on India and insult its army security forces as exhorted by highly communal rabid fanatic Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi.They are waking of a sleeping giant Hindu for their own peril.





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