NarendraBhai,Please start your march to save India from chaos,anarchy,depression,destabilization,divide,secession by touring whole of India very soon. Election is very near and it wud be held all of a sudden. Congress has finalized details and the election may be held before monsoon or soon after monsoon.They have set up their own PM and he is Chidambaram. But it needs hard work as Narendra Bhai Modi has shown in the last 2/3 months all over Gujarat. He toured each and every village, constituency; hamlets with hard hitting eloquent speech mesmerized all voters. Narendra Modi presented himself as a charismatic leader, messiah of the masses. In his 10 years of rule in Gujarat he had showed that it is possible within the limitations of all the laws, rules, and regulations to work wonders for the people.But Sonia Gandhi with a group of NGOs,Lawyers, Media Groups engaged him relentlessly in vicious slanders and insinuations to tarnish his image as a good administrator and showed him as a dictator, cruel,insensitive,communal,murderer.


But all these slanders worked positively for him as people understand that all these are false frauds and malicious.He gained by their slanders and climbed the rope.Now whole of India has high hopes on him and his ability to change india.EX- military personals, Army, police force  supports him for his objectivity and plain talks.He never talked rubbish or malicious against any of his political rivals although they are deadly against him.


Sonia Gandhi wanted to trap him several times with SC appointed SIT and Teesta Shetalvad Javed Khans NGOs but failed to sent him to jail.It is a matter of shame for some media houses who played into the hands of Sonia Gandhi either by force, blackmail or money to tarnish image of Narendra Modi.It is strange that some leaders of BJP in National level played into the hands of Sonia Gandhi to check entry of Narendra Modi to national Politics to be appointed as President this year and later on nominee for PM.But People love him and wants him to lead the nation for its development in all sectors.If these selfish leaders of BJP will not allow Narendra Modi as PM and party President the future of India Hindus and BJP is doomed.Now time has arrived for unity of Hindus for polarization, consolidation of their votes irrespective of caste creed race religion sects for a strong backlash against a aggressive belligerent Muslim and Fraduster thugs Christian who are holding the country at ransom and blackmail it in every and each sphere. Namo is panacea to all ills in India and needs to appointed as National President of BJP and Nominee for PM post by BJP.NDA would be automatically strengthened when BJP gets a thumping majority and few short to 272 in LS.Narendra Modi has become ICON of Hindu unity and patriotism. He is catalyst in uniting, polarizing, consolidating and creating a strong Hindu vote Bank which will change the course of Indian history and future of India from a Muslim dominated state to a Hindu dominated state.When 15% Muslims by their vote bank can hijack,dictate,held,ransom whole India why and how 100 Crores Hindus cant do the same.



  1. It is essential that every voter in India understand what congress party and some of the so called elder leader don’t want to give any chance because they still want to have position of power even when they are 80 years or 75 years and older ,and for that we (I and all of those who read this message) and who agrees that we must communicate every voter individually or ins gathering ,and this will not be enough for 5 years ,for 66 years we are being misguided that we are poor ,unable to make our right judgement lot to speak about it,and we have to eliminate poorty(GARIBI) ,minimum unemployment benefit ,if not minimum Education,Food and moral qualities has to be acquired or developed by Swadhyay I.e. SELF STUDY,GEETA CHAPTER 15Shlokas 7 to 10″
    Chapter 16Shlokas 1/2/3/4 chapter 15/20 chapter 17 1to 20 .
    Will like every one to read on it and explained to every body ,
    MAY I most humbly request to SRi Natendra Modiji our P.M. To give us an opportunity ,to all BJP karyakars
    Let us communicate to each other at least on E.Mail MY EMAIL is davemukundrai @ .please please communicate .

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