Persecution of Hindus Sikhs Buddhists Jains are going on since Sonia Gandhi is active in politics.She belongs to Roman Catholics Christian religion and has deep hatred for these religions.Christians are proselyting Hindus  rampantly after the UPA govt formed at centre under a Sikh Manmohan Singh as PM.All posts of govt are being infiltrated by Christians and Muslims and all important posts of political nature are reserved for Christians. Most of the ministers are of Christian religion.Persecution of Hindus going on unabatedly by Sonia Fascist Govt.In Gujarat Sohrabuddin and Ishrat Jehan encounter cases are being politically made by Sonia’s govt to punish Narendra modi.The encounter cases are proved as suicide squads, who were engaged by terrorists to assassinate Narendra modi.Now all the police officers who had saved CM from being killed are being hounded and victimized by Sonia’s Govt.The Malegaon,Samjhauta Express bomb blasts are done by Indian Mujahedeen, LET and JUD terrorists which si proved by their confessions during interrogations and investigation but the Sonia’s Muslim govt let them go and implicated innocent Hindus to brand RSS BJP and VHP as terrorist organization.Recent statement by HM shows that all these allegations are fake fraud concocted and fabricated.At first he alleged that RSS BJP camps are training centres for terrorism without any evidence and later apologized for his statement.But it is highly regretful that BJP has never taken any steps to stop such lies canards by Congress,Sonia,MMS and Congress govt and lambasted with strong words.No leader of worth in BJP has ever dared to say that these allegation are false and fake fabricated.The innocents of Hindus implicated in the fabricated cases of Malegaon blasts and Samjhauta Express are in jail since last 5 years without chargesheet,Trial and bail.No BJP high command ever made it an issue to demand punish the guilty if they will be proved guilty by courts,fast tracked trial and finish the case as early as possible without making it a political weapon by Congress.But ATS NIA CBI are made to crawl by Sonia and  law is at lower level.BJP leaders who says that they are opposition leaders in Lokasabha and Rajyasbha should demand justice for all the Gujarat police officers who are being persecuted and subjected to atrocities in Sohrabuddin and IshratJahan cases.Now IPS officers are arrested and forced to resign by Sonia and the vendetta is going on.This would lead to tit for tat once this govt met its waterloo in election.


We lost all our hopes from these BJP leaders who are silent blind and deaf to persecutions of hinds by a Muslim centric govt at centre and in UP Maharashtra Haryana Himachal Uttarakhand Jharkhand. If these BJP leaders would not save Hindus from such victimization vendetta politics of Sonia then they would lose our love affection sympathy and support in election. Now we want Narendra modi as he is unlike all these servile BJP leaders.


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