BJPs own leaders wants removal of Modi from scene

On 27th   of NOV BJPs Hunkar rally was held in Gandhi maidan of Patna(Bihar) without any security protection, No fire tenders, No ambulance, No Security checks of the ground in last two days as Nitish Kumar of JDU CM of Bihar was against the rally.He had tried his level best to scuttle the rally as he was aware of the speaking powers of NAMO and his popularity to spell bound mesmerize the whole mass in Bihar which would put him in dire straits. He had conspired with Advani his political mentor, savior to block nomination of Namo as PM designate from BJD/NDA but failed in his attempt. It is true that after he came to power in Bihar as CM of Bihar, he banned entry of NAMO to Bihar for any rally, meeting.Although BJP was an alliance of JDU in Bihar Ministry but Nitish never treated BJP with honour and respects.Namo was anathema to Nitish Kumar and JDU.As Sharad Yadav has been appointed as President of JDU but he was only rubber stamp president and Nitish utilized all powers. All powers of party vested with him.Sharad Yadav is used as doormat in JDU.BJP made him Convener of NDA and he was satisfied with his powerless role.Nitish is very powerful in JDU.He was grumbling since 2009 as he was poked by his advisers that BJP has no root in Bihar and it is dependent on JDU for its support and JDU can play role of BJD president Naveen Pattanaik did with Odisha BJP in 2009.But real fact is that there is vast difference in ground situation of Bihar vis a vis Odisha. Bihar BJP is not weak as that of in odisha. However good sense prevailed on Nitish and he kept the alliance alive and won the election but BJP has improved its tally in assembly. From 2009 to 2013 it was roughshod running of the coalition. Nitish wanted to ditch BJP in the name of secularism as propped by two of its Muslim Jihadi lieutenants only to gain Muslim Vote bank in Bihar but he failed to understand that he did not get all Muslim votes as he was tutored by his advisers as Muslims never liked him and his alliance with BJP and did not voted him in full. Muslim votes went to Lalu and Congress.JDU-BJP coalition won the election only on a concept that people don’t want bring back the memory of Jungle raj of 15 years of Lalu Paswan and voted JDU BJP in full majority. This is no Muslim vote bank or Muslim love for NitishKumar.He won for his works on development of Bihar in his 1st term of CM.But he erred very badly in his perception that he is winning on his capability and works.He was unaware of the fact that his ministers are inefficient, corrupt and untrustworthy. Bihar developed by leaps and bounds by the labours of BJP ministers in which deptt and wherever they were in power and charge. But Nitish get arrogance and over confidence. We know that arrogance and overconfidence makes a man mad and ambitious. In the meanwhile oppositions to NAMO increased in BJP by D4 gang and LKA was ambitious to become PM in 2014 when they see that wave is blowing against Congress and UPA for their inefficient handling of Govt,Corruption.They propped up Nitish Kumar to obstruct NAMO in all aspects from being projected as PM-Designate of BJP.And Nitish Kumar played to their wish and threatened BJP many times that if NAMO will be projected he will broke the coalition/alliance and evict BJP Ministers.Rajnath Singh tolerated his threats several times but when it was unbearable he also warned him that he can go ahead with is threats but projection of NAMO as PM-Designate is irrevocable.

So it was known to all that Nitish was hand in glove with LKA,SS and D4 in blocking NAMO.


Nitish wanted to block Namos meeting at any cost,First he declined to give Gandhi maidan,then wanted to give half maidan,shift the meeting venue to a smaller place and many more such heinous things. He planned the visit of  President on such a way that aircraft of Namo will not be able to land in Patna on 27th morning.But BJP leadership requested the President about the NAMOs meeting by which President changed his progarmme.After being helpless,hapless from all sides and his plans failed he took a drastic steps and stooped very low by denying giving bullet proof SUV for NAMO from Airport to meeting venue,allowed his party goondas to attack all vehicles and trains bogies by pelting of stones. Not only that it is not coming to fore that he slackened security apparatus of patna knowingly that 10 lakhs of people will come to rally and provision of ambulance for VVIP and people,Fire tenders to tackale accidental fire,and doctors in attendance were denied to the people.Are not the people of Biar and patna are his own people when he is CM of BiharThen how dare he slackened the security and withdraw all thse bandobasts.It is apparent that he was misguided ill advised by a coterie of anti national,anti social and jehadi people whose mindset is not only dangerous but also fatalistc.


The serial bomb blasts in and around Gandhi maidan and Patna railway station is a grim reminder of the suicide attack on Rajiv Gandhi when LTTE suicide bomber human bomb Ms.Subha detonated a bomb tied in her waist to bump off Rajiv Gandhi as he was highly popular and was electioneering in Perambudur of TN and in that blast Rajiv Gandhi body was thrown to pieces.

Indian Mujahedeen is the new LTTE  in India now and ready to assassinate Modi who is highly popular leader all over India and is also a stong nationalist patriotic leader of nation.He is no more a property of BJP alone but he is a precious valuable property of nation.IM is helped by jehadi leaders of JDU SP Congress and also the ISI Dawood gangs who were given the SUPARI to eliminate MODI from battle field and win by default.Karan Thapar the noted journo has written in his blog in 2007 that If MODI is REMOVED which means he is killed.SO all traitors PIMP paid jourbos also wants him killed by jehadi forces.But well wishers of NAMO,Blessings of all Devi Devta saved him from unnatural death.When GOD is savior none can do harm to any human.       




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