BJP is plagued by internecine intrigues, dissensions, obstructions, confusions ,conspiracies by a group led by LKA and his gang of four nick named D4. who still not compromised fact of NAMO as PM.Although it is NAMO who brought popularity to BJP in India and people loves him for his good governance and development in his states as CM  but still the group feels that only Advani has the authority to be PM as he is father of BJP gave birth,brought up educated and at the time of  marriage some one from Gujarat came to marry the BJP.I may be wrong in my perspective as many may think but it is clear fact and there is nothing jealousy about it.Advani’s attitude behavior and works tends to say me such.He and his gang of 4 working against BJP NAMO with ulterior motive since long after it was apparent that he is likely to be nominated as chief of Campaign and later as PM candidate.From Delhi to Goa to Delhi all facts are on media.Recent meetings rally allover India and four states showed that BJP is a party of selfish leaders who want power only for self not by the principles of party which says nation first.It is Modi’s stature that made BJP visible all over India, else Congress would have never allowed it to progress beyond its party office. 

Recent speeches by Sushma Swaraj his favorite leader in BJP showed his deep hatred to Modijee while she was travelling in copters all over MP.She never attended meeting rally of Modijee.She opposed all his proposals and suggestions to strengthen BJP in Karnataka by bringing in BSY into party who can bring about 20 MP seats to BJP only for the sake of making BJP weak so that Modijee will never be PM and lost the election return back o Gujarat dejected.Babulal Marandi is also a good leader of BJP who was removed by the gang who appointed Arjun Munda who lacks charisma in Jharkhand and cant bring BJP to power.BLM had formed his won party JVM and won substantial seats to assembly on his own but he was humiliated so much that he is unwilling to come back.Recent election results showed that D4 wanted to win MP only and allowed rest all states go congress as SS Chowhan is favourite of Advani.They never cared to win all three states but Vasundhara Raje scindhia won Rajasthan by 80% popular votes and Raman Singh won CG  very critically.Delhi was not at all factor for the gang who never cared to win Delhi and imposed a lackluster leader Nitin as incharge of Delhi BJP.The gang did not projected a CM from start and allwed Vijay Goel to work as President with a assurance that he will be made CM after election but People wanted a name as CM whoc will chart out his path of victory and just 15 days before poll after veto by Modijee BJP projected Dr.Harshvardhan as CM candidate.Till than all opinion poll gave a very dejected scenarios for BJP and wrote BJP off. All opposition parties of BJP are also happy that BJP disnot projected a popular face as CM as Vijay Goel has no charisma in Delhi.But by veto of Modi he was kept as president and Dr.Harshvardhan was declared as CM candidate.That irked the LKA gang who wanted death of BJP in Delhi to help and please their master Sonia .Then they worked sabotage in BJP and SS went canvass only for those candidates supported and stand by her and her Guru.She went to 200 meetings allover Delhi and luckily all her candidates lost in election. 

In these circumstances we can’t hope BJP getting a majority in next LS election and a 3rd front govt led by LKA will be ruling India it is my conclusion.LKA will break BJP and form Govt with about 100 MPs who will be elected from tickets given by the gang and loyal to the gang.Namo will lick dust in election.It is their plan.





Why Advani so hateful venomous antagonistic to Narendra Modi is every one asks. But what is fact no one knows. Advani is known as father figure of BJP brought BJP to 198 seats from 2 seats all says but is it work of Advani? There is no answer from any quarter as he has done nothing in that regard. It is Rama Janma Bhumi movement and demolition of so called Babri mosque of Ayodhya that polarized Hindus and consolidated their votes in favour of BJP and BJP came to power on 4 issues:-1.Rama temple at Ayodhya, 2.Abolition of 370, 3.Unifrm Civil code & 4.ban cow slaughter. But after getting power Advani stopped these issues thrown them in cold storage for political expedience and exigencies.


ABV is not a strong BJP leader but he was chosen as consensus candidate for PM by NDA as he is having a soft hindutva and advani was labeled as hard core Hindutva.But coalition politics forced LKA adopt soft hindutva and pampering Muslims and coalition secular partners for the sake of power.When Advani Praised Jinnah, who had created two nation on religion basis by going to his grave in Pakistan it was known that he is not a true Hindu but a fake one and secular power hungry, mischievous, cunning, manipulative BJP leader.


In 2004 LS election was preponed by six months by wrong advice by some leaders Pramod Mahajan,Sudheendra Kulkarni,Brajesh Mishra and ABV himself as they thought that wave is in their favour and they will sweep/win by a huge margin, but their betrayal of Hindus by stalling all these four issues for their selfish interests enraged Hindus all over India who changed their preference to Congress as they are angry on BJP NDA.In 2004 congress won by a very small numbers of seats but cobbled up coalition showing dangers of BJPs hardcore Hindutva and all regional parties and CPM CPI supported Congress. In 2004 BJP did not attempted seriously to allow all regional parties and Left front to elect their leader and install their PM assuring support from outside and allowed Congress Sonia to install their PM.In this time some thing fishy has done between Sonia and Advani to allow Congress Govt without any impediments.Sudheendra Kulkarni may be aware of the secret parleys.


In between 2004-2009 Congress usurped all powers into its ands stopped all developmental works initiated by NDA govt but citing NDA Govts rules they started doing loot of Govt property money and bribes.


In 2009 after left groups withdraw support Advani arranged support to Sonia under a secret agreement to withdraw all cases on advani in RJM cases.


In 2009 also there were opportunities if BJP would have attempted to allow 3rd front from the Govt with BJPs outside support.


In between 2004-2014 all BJP ruled states were snatched by Congress.Jharkhand,Karnataka,Himachal,Uttarakhand and serious attempts were made in Gujarat to implicate Narendra Modi in false and forged cases on 2002 riots for which several cases were filed mischievously by NGOs and  Muslims with Congress funds.Also Keshubhai Patel was engaged with huge funds to defeat Namo in assembly elections.


Not satisfied with all these sabotage and conspiracies Advani instigated JDU’s Sharad Yadav and Nitish Kumar to revolt and remove BJP from coalition ministry in Bihar which they did religiously. In Karnataka they defeated themselves deliberately to harass and put in Jail most promising CM in Southern states B.S.Yeddurappa and sabotaged so that he have to depart from BJP to form his own party.In the name of honesty and anti corruption, which Advani is surely not, as he also knows that without funds no party will win any election and Reddy brothers gave abundant money to SS LKA and AK.Still to coronate AK as CM of Gujarat they had sacrificed their only Govt in South and allowed PC to say in LS that Congress won in Karnataka by wisdoms of AK. So shameful for a BJP leader to listen that word by Congress minister who not only exposed him in LS but also shown real face of AK who is a member of inner group of LKA called D4.


Now when whole country is vibrating buzzing with NAMO he is obstructing objecting sabotaging conspiring to stop NAMO being named as BJP candidate for PM.Recently two public meetings in Ambikapur(CG) and Jaipur (Rajasthan) showed popularity of NAMO all over India, still that did not deter him from his rigid stands.


Recent happenings showed that Advani is losing his minds brains and run by a coterie of Prativa Advani,Sudheendra Kulkarni,Sushama Swaraj and Ananth Kumar.


I have serious reservations on his future course of action and which way he will turn to capture power at centre to become PM of India which his long time cherished dream and ambition.


Now it is known that Narendra Modi is horse of Ashwamedha Yagna of BJP and he will be sacrificed like the horse after he travelled whole India and bring power to BJP.And it may be true seeing the circumstances happenings going on in BJP.


BJP is a party of cadres,workers unlike Congress,SP,BSP,BJD,TMC,JDU and voice of workers forced leadership to chose Narendra Modi as PM candidate by BJP PB.


I am inclined to think that it may be true as SS, LKA, AK and D4 have not condemned Nitish Kumar JDU’S Sharad Yadav and Bihar govt although an attempt on life of the so called horse has been made by Nitish Kumar in Patna with his tacit understanding instructions and connivance with the perpetrators of crime and now started blame game on BJP saying it is done by BJP.


I have serious doubts on capabilities,intentions and transparency by Rajnath Singh, national BJP president also who shows as a supporter of Narendra Modi but seems he is using him for his own selfish games as he also did not condemned Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav and JDU and their workers who perpetrated the crime.


Recently in his speech Advani did not gave any credit to Namo for the resounding victory of BJP  in all 4 states which was not possible if he would not have nominated as PM candidate by BJP PB and he won’t have canvassed for BJP candidates in all these 4 states day and night although he was sick and drained by 24×7 tour and massive crowd mobilization severe threat on his life.I am highly aggrieved to note that Advani is still highly angry on NAMO for snatching his PM post and did not give credit to him although vasundhara, Shivraj singh, Raman singh and Harshvardhan acknowledged his labours for the victory of BJP in all the states.Advani showed his mean mindedness and hatred for namo.But people of India wont forgive advani and will defeat him in election where ever he stands and all BJP fight for him but as a saboteur conspirator and anti modi leader he is destined to be defeated in LS election.






Unless until all Hindus are united polarized it will not last long. Whosoever thinks that nothing will happen to Hinduism they are fools morons idiots as in last 1000 years Hindu are depleting decreasing in numbers game and now it is 3rd in strength.First Hindu sainst should come forward form a top level body Hindu Dharma sansthan sansad with several bodies in all over India. All  5 dham shankaracharya should be heading the sansad 1.puri,2.dwarika,3.badrinath,4.rameswaram 5.kanchi apart from them Shri shri Ravishankar,baba Ramdev should be heading the sansad.The sansad should have branches all over Indian villages towns and all sadhu saints sadhvis be made member and executives.The sansad ought control all powers to dictate the Hindus and govts.Sansad should issue edicts on all hindus and work for their developments. 

The sansad should have members from all Hindus irrespective caste creed race and linguists.the jains buddhist Sikhs judaims parsees are alos remaine members if the so desires. No sadhu sants sadhvis would be allowed to speak against own dharma as well as other dharma.The samaj sansad is top most powerful body who will be handed over all the religious places trusts temples etc and they will maintain like waqf board.Hindus are majority in India but they have no power and finances.Other religions have minorties but most powerful politically and financially. The Hindu Dharma sansad must use its powers to interfere in politics if so desired and time needs.Hindu must be united consolidated and polarized to thwart all attempts to diminish role of hindus in govt machinery ministry and govt.

So we want a Hindu dharma sansthan be formed by all hindus and move in 7 lakh villages to preach Hinduism and perils on our religion.We ought to dictate that any hindu who abuse own religion will be declared removed from religion like Sikhs “Tankhaiya”.No Hindu will convert and if any one converts will not use hindu names and titles.Govt must make law for safety of Hindutva. The sansad will direct the govt to stop killing of cows in all states implement the anti-cow slaughter act all over india immediately.



What happenend in Delhi is not only regrettable but also highly damaging to reputation of BJP as a disciplined party.The intra party discipline is no where and infighting is damaging Party everywhere.D4 being father figure of BJP destroyed image as founding father of BJP by working against the party since last one year.Recent happenings in Delhi showed that what he wanted to do has achieved in Delhi by making BJP lost Delhi by 4 seats by conspiring against winnable candidates,distributing tickets by corruption nepotism,canvassing for own candidates who lost miserably and ruined chances of BJP govt in Delhi.As well BJP could have formed the gvt with support from some like minded MLAs from AAP but he obstructed party from forming govt in Delhi saying it is against BJP culture.It is pre-planend attempt to show that NAMO has no effect in Delhi.Such internal betrayal is unexcusable and no party dare support this.But he is above party discipline and party’s winning power.He has done much harm to party in recent days by obstructing inclusion of Babulal Marandi and B.S.Yedurappa by which BJP lost Babulal Marandi’s party Jharkhand Vikash manch to JDU.Till now BSY is not allowed to be admitted back in BJP by strong objections by LKA although he repeatedly requested to High Command PB and LKA.But angry Old man refused his application as Chairman of PB.Time comes for BJP to remove him from all posts and also remove his lackeys from all their posts and run BJP as a party of workers not rootless leaders.We love BJP and NAMO but seeing internecine war in BJP,sabotage by D4 we felt helpless.If we fail this time then there is no hope for BJP ever and BJP will break up and liquidated.AAP communists will take over whole India by their quick decision and action.   




we regret silence of L.K.Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Ananth Kumar, Arun jaitely who did not cared to meet Prime Minister with demand for providing SPG security to Narendra Modi although Home Minister declined to give him SPG protection saying he given enough security but that is not enough as IB reports says his life is under threat from dreaded terrorists ISI Dawood gang and also many Muslim gangsters who want eliminate Modi from earth.If PM wont listen to their request then they should approach President of India and request force the Govt to give Narendra Modi SPG protection as a state police force cant take over his security effectively.Although Gujarat Police taken up adequate measures but the enemy is more dreaded with ISI powers and Dawood’s master shooters.In the next 200 days life of Narendra Modi is under severe risk and no state machinery can protect him from a international gangster.We request all BJP leaders to meet PM and President to consider the situation and entrust SPG protection to Narendra Modi immediately else if any thing happens to him then Congress will not get a single seat in India and also the country will be devastated by riot, civil war, massacre.Although we knows few BJP leaders also want him dead as a sacrificial goat to get to power on sympathy votes and PM ship to LKA but we will lose visionary leader who will make India super power in 0 years by eliminating all parties from India which LKA lacks.RNS today said that no power on earth can change BJP resolution of declaration of NAMO as PM but death can snatch the resolution and RNS cant do anything except cry.So it is time for BJP leadership to force GOVT to provide him SPG protection and all his meetings rally be scanned before 24 hours by all SPG people to save him from plans by ISI Dawood as media articles says.We hope MMS will not risk lose a visionary leader statesman like NAMO by assassination.



BJP lost to AAP in Delhi by machinations of LKA gang who declined to form govt in Delhi although it is the single largest party with 32 MLAs and was invited by Governor to form the govt.BJP PB rejected the invitation of Governor saying it has no majority in Assembly.If it would have formed the govt which we have urged the PB to form govt and break backbone of AAP by bringing in several MLAs from AAP and form Govt so that AAP will not be a challenge to BJP in national level but LKA gang declined to form the govt and PB rejected the proposal.Now after dilly dallying drama enacted by AAP they formed the Govt with help of 8 MLAs of Congress but it is planned much earlier before election and AAP was funded by Congress Bosses to check BJP from forming the govt.Sabotage by BJP leaders cost BJP a huge not only in Delhi but also nationally.Whatever be their confidence that NAMO will sail their boat but now it is very difficult as the BJP votes are polled by AAP in many seats.Youth masses are inclined to AAP and working for AAP.Now it is a party of youth below 50 and their talking is appreciated by mass.They are taking swift action and showing their mindset to work under a dictator AK.Now words of AK is supreme in AAP.But BJP is 100 headed dragon and all heads are quarelling with each other.Main head of BJP dragon is eating away all small heads.NG talked of some corporates have worked to create a bridge between Congress and AAP in a 5 star hotel and succeeded.Now AAP is a side kick of Congress who is funding AAP nationally to create a wedge between youth powers who are core vote bank of BJP NAMO and diverted their votes to AAP from BJP.I resent misgony by BJP leaders who cant see any catastrophe coming their way.Either they are fools, idiots, blinds or complicit in the conspiracy. Now my visulaisation is AAP will ally with Congress via UPA or work as an independent entity funded and helped by all means by congress to defeat NAMO BJP.It wants check halt BJP NAMO from forming next govt and fro that they will go to any extent may spend thousands of crores as they are funded by Petro dollars and Churches.NAMO is now synonymous with Hindu reviavalism.So they want that HINDU will never get any hold on Govt and for that they will kill NAMO,Impsoe emergency,Postpone election by 1 year,inflame communal passion and creates communal riots to declare emergency and stop election.It may not be true but apprehension is there.If BJP wont have given rope in the hands of AAP by declining forming govt in Delhi,AAP would have broken and its MLAs would have been included in the Govt by a splinter group of 7/8 MLAS who are ex-BJP leaders.But foolishness by BJP leaders costs them huge and may cost them Victory in LS-2014.I wish God save my country religion and culture by giving sense of maturity among BJP leaders. @BJPRajnathSingh @narendramodi @sushmaswarajBJP  






Baba Ramdev gave rise to hopes & aspiration of people by his war on corruption although he is hounded by a fascist Nazi govt at centre by all the powers at its disposal to ruin him and his social service organisations.Baba has given a call for abolition of all traditional taxes in lieu of s single point tax which would be taxed on all bank transactions by a customer of bank which will give rise to the taxes from a mere 16 lakh crores to 40 lakh crores as estimated by many financial experts.This will bring down prices of all commodities and enrich poor and middle class.As rich have no need for any such tax reversal they are immuned by corporate tax acts.It is only middle class which pays taxes via IT ST and ED poor gives taxes via VAT TOT LBT Octroi If all taxes merged into one and the ratio be fixed by all states concerned to be distributed among them then the offices departments and agencies appointed for collection of these taxes be diverted for developmental works.It is a revolutionary change. But we have never thought to come out of traditional tax structures and system and going on imposing fresh new taxes. Service tax was started with 1% with few services and now it is 10% in almost all services. If we do away with IT and ST people will be saved from huge tax liabilities. But Congress govt know how to keep poorer poor and middle class poverty stricken to vote them endlessly. We need a revolutionary change on taxes and the arthakranti has shown a way out to us by which the taxes be simplified and made single point without any inspector raj and collecting offices. All offices of CBET, CBDT ,sales tax, VAT ,LBT will be closed and all officers will be re-employed in all other officers. Banks will be tax collecting agencies for all the taxes.It needs to be examined and debated by all political leaders,economists,financial experts,Chartered accountants,Tax practitioners and all state govts be brought to a consensus that such tax revolution is needed to save people,govt and all.BJP will sweep election if It assures middle class that it will do away with all taxes and make provision for a single point tax on all bank transactions /Products every month @2% at maximum.Suppose one bank account holders does transaction of 20K every month he will be paying 400 only but the benefit from price reduction by way of taxes to him will be more than 2000.likwsie any trader who transacts in bank by 50 lakhs a month he will pay 1 lakh PM but benefitted by 2 Lakhs PM by way of taxes.My vision is for a great, tax free, corruption free, inspector raj free India and for that we ought to take resolute bold steps without any obstruction objection and blockade by vested interests. Yes tax is necessary for governance development and security but the present system of tax collection is highly dangerous,outdated,colonial system.We ought to take one step ahead of world and take a revolutionary step to abolish direct indirect taxes by one tax which can be collected transparentlymy vision is for a great, tax free, corruption free, inspector raj free India and for that we ought to take resolute bold steps without any obstruction objection and blockade by vested interests. Yes tax is necessary for governance development and security but the present system of tax collection is highly dangerous,outdated,colonial system.We ought to take one step ahead of world and take a revolutionary step to abolish direct indirect taxes by one tax which can be collected .If Income tax and service tax won’t be removed by BJP then AAP will win hands down with all middle class votes giving full support to AAP.I urge Narendra Modi to remove LKA, SS, Yashwant sinha from BJP and do wonders by bringing middle class voters to BJP.Now AAP geared up to gain middle class votes by water electricity and later they will promise IT removal snatching the opportunity. All objections by saboteurs like Yashwant sinha Advani and Sushma swaraj be dropped by modi and rajnathsingh.



Those who oppose banking transaction tax ought know that they are also supporters of adhar card,direct subsidy to beneficiary,bank transfer of all PDS/ Old age pensions etc.They want spread of banking all over india and also wants prices of all farmers produces be equal allover india to be paid to farmers directly and minimum support prices be ensured.It is needed to bring all people under banking network.Mnrega is also given through bank accounts.Wer are continuing with British system of taxes which has made us slaves of British for 200 years and who exploited extorted us.Present tax structure is full of loopholes and also generator of black money corruption.Now all people don’t want to pay taxes and evade taxes by all the means available to them and later hides the evaded tax in many unscrupulous things.Corrupts creates real estates and purchase golds.Corporates hide their surplus in tax havens of world.But middle class who pays taxes is burdened with more and more taxes as they are honest and don’t want to be labeled as dishonest.In india middle class is only sufferer as it pays maximum taxes.


Banking Transaction tax will remove all anomalies in tax structures and also remove corruption for which we have instituted Lokpal etc.After removal of all direct and indirect taxes all prices will fall very deep and people will be benefitted by lower prices in their purchases and save optimum in banks by surplus money and also pay BTT in all their savings. We are paying ttaxes on bank interests now which wont be paid and the BTT will take care of all the taxes. Income tax, Wealth Tax,Service tax,Excise duty will be bolshie by central govt as it si collected by central govt and Vat, Entry tax,octroi tax,Local Body tax will be abolished by state govts.All central and state machinaries constituted for collection of taxes be re-employed in all other sectors for creatin of development structures infrastructure developments and corruption will be eradicated. By abolition of al these direct and indirect taxes corruption will be eradicated and middle class will be benefitted mostly as well all traders will work without any fear favor and nepotism. They will work honestly and free from fear of arid by tax authorities. Now all the traders and corporate are always fearful of tax raids by IT and ST authorities as well political vendetta.

 Now a day’s any govt sends IT ST VAT raid parties to any corporates if he goes against the ruling party govt by any means and suppress them.By abolition of all the taxes a revolutionary change ensures free economy and remove inspector raj from India.BJP will get all middle class votes by abolition of all direct indirect taxes and win 350 seats defeating Congress and its stooge parties.BJP must not be cowed down by conspirators like Advani aging including Yashwant sinha who don’t want a BJP govt at centre and NAMO as PM.Wish BJP leadership takes this revolutionary steps for its own political upswing and also save people from vendetta by govt,parties,rulers and inspectors.   


VHP RSS cowards who dont save Hindu Sadhu Sadhvi from persecution of Italian mafia

It is a matter of regret that BJP RSS VHP is not fighting for justice to the detents of Malegaon blast case.Samjhauta Express case still now. The case is false or true will be decided by courts  and the matter is subjudice but why the case is not fast tracked and continuous hearing of the case is being done.The arrested are slapped with MOCOACA by ATS of Mumbai.But the case is not taking its steps as legal cases should have.The Charge sheet is not filed.The law prescribed for filing of charge sheet within a specific time of maximum of 6 months from date of arrest but in the case no charge sheet is filed since last 5 years.The Maharashtra Police is doing disservice to law by detention of the accused fo so long with being tried in proper court of law.CBI NIA are delaying the matter by putting nails in the case.When the case is being handled by ATS how it is not handled by CBI or NIA and if all these three agencies are investigating the case they should be amalgamated 2 one and file a broad CS on the case.The accused are denied bail by the courts although all the accused in similar cases are being granted bail as CBI NIA ATS did not objected granting of bail to the accused as they were Muslims and the accused in these cases are Hindus.So it is pure persecution witch hunt of hindus by a Muslim govts at centre and Maharashtra and all the security agencies are working like dogs of the woman accused named Sadhvi Pragyan is being humiliated targeted and ill treated by  the police ATS NIA CBI and jail authorities and she is suffering from terminal illness.But Courts deny her bail.The law of land prescribed that no accused can be detained in jail as under trial prisoner if the charge sheet is not filed by the agencies concerned in due time.SC has also ordered it but lower courts working under the dictates of ruling party as if courts are under the ruling party. Now CBI arresting innocent persons by linking them in the case falsely fraudulently and give a bad name to Hindus as terrorists and fanatics. The govt is highly communal and anti Hindu by virtue of a Christian roman catholic woman as head of state being the president of AICC who is ruling by iron hands with a vindictive mindset. We urge all Hindu lawyers to fight for bails to the so called accused and also BJP RSS VP leaders to fight against brutality of Sonia Congress govt.The Congress has divided India on communal lines by acting against Hindus with a venegeance.Time coming for its death very near as Hindus are more vocal and polarized. The impossible thing has been done by Sonia by uniting, polarizing and consolidating Hindu voters to root out congress full and final.





Open letter to Mr.Ram Jethmalani to save hindu in jail

MR.Ram Jethmalani,It is our sincere request that you should fight the case of all Hindu accused in Malegaon blast,Samjhauta Express Blast,Mecca maszid blast fabricated forged and conspired by Congress with the help of ATS CBI NIA and IB to float the charade that Hindus are terrorists and RSS BJP are training camps of Hindu terrorists. The speech by HM Shinde is in that direction. The main aim of the congress govt is that they will brand Hindus as terrorists and also brand RSS BJP as terrorist parties to put a ban on them at a opportune time when they would be at loss and cant fight election on the symbol of LOTUS.It seems to be true and factually correct.The Congress govt can go to any extent to bar BJP getting into power as they very well know that if BJP will come to power or gets simple majority Narendra Modi would be PM and when he would be PM then Congress will never came to power for another 1000 years in India and all corrupt congressman will be put in jail their ill gotten wealth & property confiscated for corruption all looted wealth hidden in foreign banks be retrieved and returned back to India.We have high apprehension that Sonia Gandhi will impose emergency by engineering communal riots on some parts and ban RSS BJP .We hope you can well understand our fears and predicaments.It is a matter of regret that the order of SC for trials of all cases within the specified period,Chargesheet be filed within specified period,NO UTP in jail without trial for longer than it meant for.But in the case of Sadhvi Pragyan Singh Thakur and Colonel Purohit all law as are violated by Govt, Prosecuting agencies, Investigating agencies.It is high time that an renowned Lawyer of BJP should fight free of cost the cases of hapless innocent Hindus and save them fro tyranny of a fascist communal Muslim govt at centre.We have high hopes on you and your ability to provide legal help for their save from incarceration. Also the cases be fast tracked and trial resumed with all earnestness by GOI and investigating/Prosecuting agencies.The evidenced be produced soon and verified.As there is no proof evidence the govt is delaying case till election to do some nasty things to BJP and RSS just before election.It is my presumption, may not be true but the circumstances and situation warranted me to think so.