We urge all Muslims of India to get know their past and heritage and assimilate with all Hindus and mainstream of India to remain peacefully with all Hindus who are in majority in India and any deception,terrorism,treason,untrustworthy works by them would isolate them to ostracisation.

That the period of silence and tolerance by Hindus is over due to fatal error by Sonia Gandhi and Congress party to humiliate insult and victimized Hindus at the cost of Christian and Muslim appeasement for their Vote Banks. She is either misguided by his advisors Mafia goons or his political advisors to neglect humiliate victimize the majority clan of his voters on whose vote she was winning. Muslims may be her voters but without substantial votes of Hindus her party can never win in India. The fluke win in UK, HP,Karnataka is very narrow and once BJP forms the Govt at centre all these states will be falling into BJP hands by changing of support by the independents from Congress to BJP on whose support these states are having Congress Govt.

The unprecedented swelling of support in favour of BJP and Narendra Modi shows that Congress is under highly vulnerable position. The media propaganda will not able to save congress from a severe negative voting in 2014 when election will be held.The opinion poll also showed the popularity of Namo Vrs Rahul.

Now it is high time that all Muslims should think before they support Congress or any other party next election and instead support BJP as BJP is not anti-Muslim or anti-Christian.

AAP is promoted by Congress to cut votes of BJP and defeat NAMO at any cost as Congress fears huge reprisal on them by Narendra Modi for the atrocities insult humiliation heaped on BJP by Congress fascist Italian Mafia.Now India is ruled by a mafia gang led by Sonia Maino.


In the last 10 years hundreds of patriotic nationalist scientists found killed by Italian mafia.Most of CBI officers who don’t fall in line of mafia are either killed eliminated or shunted. One CBI DIG S.K.Palsania of odisha cadre who was on central deputation to CBI was killed and cause of death shown as some unknown illness.Whosover shows to be aware of secrets of Sonia are eliminated with ease.

All muslims must support BJP and NAMO as he is a savior of them not an enemy of Muslim.He is against traitors terrorists and anti national.



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