advani be made president of india

Mr.Advani is now 86 years old but still he has greed ambition to be elected as PM by BJP-NDA.He should know that India is not a feudal state wherein any leader of overage will rule whatever his contribution to the party may be in past.He is no doubt father figure of BJP but he shouldnot be so ambitous and greedy to be sworn in as PM of India.Again he can’t pull out BJP to victory in 2004 and 2009 election.Some times some people although highly deserving & competent but their horoscopes Kundli don’t allow them to the highest Post.No one including ManMohan Singh ever thought of being appointed as PM by Sonia Gandhi in 2004 when President rejected her name to be sworn in as PM on the issue of her domicile.Now in last 9 years of UPA rule activities of Advani is not so encouraging in favour of party.He failed to energise the party.But Narendra modi has showed his mettle by winning Gujarat state 3 times consquetively.It is he who energised the party by his development plank and works in Gujarat.Advani is in fact Gurujee of Narendra Modi,who has helped him several times and also Namo has helped in his election.In my belief Advani should work like a Gurujee (Chanakya) of Narendra Modi (Chandragupta) now and anoint him as PM of India to save BJP Bharat and Hindutva from a dangerous sitaution when all enemies of BJP Bharat and Hindutva are united to finish off Bharat from maps of world and make it a colony of Italy ruled by Italian Mafia and godmother Sonia Maino,Destroy all Temples and Gurdwaras,ruin Hindutva and Sikhism,and also all patriots and hindus.He shouldnot be greedy and ambitious.It is too good to be a Guru and his chela ruling India with his blessings with full honour to make Bharat self suffcinet in all aspects militarily and grow as a super power in world.Jai Bharat,Jai Hindutva,Jai Advani, Jai Namo, Jai BJP, Jai Patriots.     



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