What happenend in Delhi is not only regrettable but also highly damaging to reputation of BJP as a disciplined party.The intra party discipline is no where and infighting is damaging Party everywhere.D4 being father figure of BJP destroyed image as founding father of BJP by working against the party since last one year.Recent happenings in Delhi showed that what he wanted to do has achieved in Delhi by making BJP lost Delhi by 4 seats by conspiring against winnable candidates,distributing tickets by corruption nepotism,canvassing for own candidates who lost miserably and ruined chances of BJP govt in Delhi.As well BJP could have formed the gvt with support from some like minded MLAs from AAP but he obstructed party from forming govt in Delhi saying it is against BJP culture.It is pre-planend attempt to show that NAMO has no effect in Delhi.Such internal betrayal is unexcusable and no party dare support this.But he is above party discipline and party’s winning power.He has done much harm to party in recent days by obstructing inclusion of Babulal Marandi and B.S.Yedurappa by which BJP lost Babulal Marandi’s party Jharkhand Vikash manch to JDU.Till now BSY is not allowed to be admitted back in BJP by strong objections by LKA although he repeatedly requested to High Command PB and LKA.But angry Old man refused his application as Chairman of PB.Time comes for BJP to remove him from all posts and also remove his lackeys from all their posts and run BJP as a party of workers not rootless leaders.We love BJP and NAMO but seeing internecine war in BJP,sabotage by D4 we felt helpless.If we fail this time then there is no hope for BJP ever and BJP will break up and liquidated.AAP communists will take over whole India by their quick decision and action.   




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