BJP is plagued by internecine intrigues, dissensions, obstructions, confusions ,conspiracies by a group led by LKA and his gang of four nick named D4. who still not compromised fact of NAMO as PM.Although it is NAMO who brought popularity to BJP in India and people loves him for his good governance and development in his states as CM  but still the group feels that only Advani has the authority to be PM as he is father of BJP gave birth,brought up educated and at the time of  marriage some one from Gujarat came to marry the BJP.I may be wrong in my perspective as many may think but it is clear fact and there is nothing jealousy about it.Advani’s attitude behavior and works tends to say me such.He and his gang of 4 working against BJP NAMO with ulterior motive since long after it was apparent that he is likely to be nominated as chief of Campaign and later as PM candidate.From Delhi to Goa to Delhi all facts are on media.Recent meetings rally allover India and four states showed that BJP is a party of selfish leaders who want power only for self not by the principles of party which says nation first.It is Modi’s stature that made BJP visible all over India, else Congress would have never allowed it to progress beyond its party office. 

Recent speeches by Sushma Swaraj his favorite leader in BJP showed his deep hatred to Modijee while she was travelling in copters all over MP.She never attended meeting rally of Modijee.She opposed all his proposals and suggestions to strengthen BJP in Karnataka by bringing in BSY into party who can bring about 20 MP seats to BJP only for the sake of making BJP weak so that Modijee will never be PM and lost the election return back o Gujarat dejected.Babulal Marandi is also a good leader of BJP who was removed by the gang who appointed Arjun Munda who lacks charisma in Jharkhand and cant bring BJP to power.BLM had formed his won party JVM and won substantial seats to assembly on his own but he was humiliated so much that he is unwilling to come back.Recent election results showed that D4 wanted to win MP only and allowed rest all states go congress as SS Chowhan is favourite of Advani.They never cared to win all three states but Vasundhara Raje scindhia won Rajasthan by 80% popular votes and Raman Singh won CG  very critically.Delhi was not at all factor for the gang who never cared to win Delhi and imposed a lackluster leader Nitin as incharge of Delhi BJP.The gang did not projected a CM from start and allwed Vijay Goel to work as President with a assurance that he will be made CM after election but People wanted a name as CM whoc will chart out his path of victory and just 15 days before poll after veto by Modijee BJP projected Dr.Harshvardhan as CM candidate.Till than all opinion poll gave a very dejected scenarios for BJP and wrote BJP off. All opposition parties of BJP are also happy that BJP disnot projected a popular face as CM as Vijay Goel has no charisma in Delhi.But by veto of Modi he was kept as president and Dr.Harshvardhan was declared as CM candidate.That irked the LKA gang who wanted death of BJP in Delhi to help and please their master Sonia .Then they worked sabotage in BJP and SS went canvass only for those candidates supported and stand by her and her Guru.She went to 200 meetings allover Delhi and luckily all her candidates lost in election. 

In these circumstances we can’t hope BJP getting a majority in next LS election and a 3rd front govt led by LKA will be ruling India it is my conclusion.LKA will break BJP and form Govt with about 100 MPs who will be elected from tickets given by the gang and loyal to the gang.Namo will lick dust in election.It is their plan.




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