BJP lost to AAP in Delhi by machinations of LKA gang who declined to form govt in Delhi although it is the single largest party with 32 MLAs and was invited by Governor to form the govt.BJP PB rejected the invitation of Governor saying it has no majority in Assembly.If it would have formed the govt which we have urged the PB to form govt and break backbone of AAP by bringing in several MLAs from AAP and form Govt so that AAP will not be a challenge to BJP in national level but LKA gang declined to form the govt and PB rejected the proposal.Now after dilly dallying drama enacted by AAP they formed the Govt with help of 8 MLAs of Congress but it is planned much earlier before election and AAP was funded by Congress Bosses to check BJP from forming the govt.Sabotage by BJP leaders cost BJP a huge not only in Delhi but also nationally.Whatever be their confidence that NAMO will sail their boat but now it is very difficult as the BJP votes are polled by AAP in many seats.Youth masses are inclined to AAP and working for AAP.Now it is a party of youth below 50 and their talking is appreciated by mass.They are taking swift action and showing their mindset to work under a dictator AK.Now words of AK is supreme in AAP.But BJP is 100 headed dragon and all heads are quarelling with each other.Main head of BJP dragon is eating away all small heads.NG talked of some corporates have worked to create a bridge between Congress and AAP in a 5 star hotel and succeeded.Now AAP is a side kick of Congress who is funding AAP nationally to create a wedge between youth powers who are core vote bank of BJP NAMO and diverted their votes to AAP from BJP.I resent misgony by BJP leaders who cant see any catastrophe coming their way.Either they are fools, idiots, blinds or complicit in the conspiracy. Now my visulaisation is AAP will ally with Congress via UPA or work as an independent entity funded and helped by all means by congress to defeat NAMO BJP.It wants check halt BJP NAMO from forming next govt and fro that they will go to any extent may spend thousands of crores as they are funded by Petro dollars and Churches.NAMO is now synonymous with Hindu reviavalism.So they want that HINDU will never get any hold on Govt and for that they will kill NAMO,Impsoe emergency,Postpone election by 1 year,inflame communal passion and creates communal riots to declare emergency and stop election.It may not be true but apprehension is there.If BJP wont have given rope in the hands of AAP by declining forming govt in Delhi,AAP would have broken and its MLAs would have been included in the Govt by a splinter group of 7/8 MLAS who are ex-BJP leaders.But foolishness by BJP leaders costs them huge and may cost them Victory in LS-2014.I wish God save my country religion and culture by giving sense of maturity among BJP leaders. @BJPRajnathSingh @narendramodi @sushmaswarajBJP  







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