Unless until all Hindus are united polarized it will not last long. Whosoever thinks that nothing will happen to Hinduism they are fools morons idiots as in last 1000 years Hindu are depleting decreasing in numbers game and now it is 3rd in strength.First Hindu sainst should come forward form a top level body Hindu Dharma sansthan sansad with several bodies in all over India. All  5 dham shankaracharya should be heading the sansad 1.puri,2.dwarika,3.badrinath,4.rameswaram 5.kanchi apart from them Shri shri Ravishankar,baba Ramdev should be heading the sansad.The sansad should have branches all over Indian villages towns and all sadhu saints sadhvis be made member and executives.The sansad ought control all powers to dictate the Hindus and govts.Sansad should issue edicts on all hindus and work for their developments. 

The sansad should have members from all Hindus irrespective caste creed race and linguists.the jains buddhist Sikhs judaims parsees are alos remaine members if the so desires. No sadhu sants sadhvis would be allowed to speak against own dharma as well as other dharma.The samaj sansad is top most powerful body who will be handed over all the religious places trusts temples etc and they will maintain like waqf board.Hindus are majority in India but they have no power and finances.Other religions have minorties but most powerful politically and financially. The Hindu Dharma sansad must use its powers to interfere in politics if so desired and time needs.Hindu must be united consolidated and polarized to thwart all attempts to diminish role of hindus in govt machinery ministry and govt.

So we want a Hindu dharma sansthan be formed by all hindus and move in 7 lakh villages to preach Hinduism and perils on our religion.We ought to dictate that any hindu who abuse own religion will be declared removed from religion like Sikhs “Tankhaiya”.No Hindu will convert and if any one converts will not use hindu names and titles.Govt must make law for safety of Hindutva. The sansad will direct the govt to stop killing of cows in all states implement the anti-cow slaughter act all over india immediately.



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