Media should be neutral and positive equal for all

Friends of Terrorists(FOT) in Indian Media should know that they are under watch of whole mass and subjected to assaults on their person by enraged mob for their treachery of nation, Betrayal, forgetting noble profession of journalism became touts and brokers of anti national.That they are behaving like terrorist themselves when any bomb blast occurs when they did not name the accused but way laid their names only to misguide people of India.Whole world is subjected to chaos,anarchy,terrorism,extremism spread by Muslim terrorists extremists fanatics who want to hijack whole world.USA has suffered in 9/11.India suffered 26/11.Russia suffer many more attacks, France Britain and most of Christian countries suffered.But our FOT media supported these terrorists in India and wanted to turn India to a Muslim Fanatics state. Congress and its alliance partners are partners in crime against Hindus of India.The case Malegaon,  Samjhauta express were re-opened by these FOT MSM and Political parties and all the Muslims accused involved In the crime were side racked and Hindu were fraudulently involved. All the Hindu involved in these cases are not only innocent but also implicated to show Muslims that we are supporters of Muslim Terrorists only for Vote Bank.Now time comes for people to beat all these corrupt FOT journalists.Today Delhi Police arrested two Muslim Terrorists on information by again a Muslim terrorist and recovered a huge cache of arms ammunitions bombs and AK 47.But FOT-MSM do not saying anything about them as if they are their own brothers and family members which enrage all India. It shows the mindset of these FOT MSMs.






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