muslims of india are Indian

Why the educated Muslims are are brainwashed by the Jihad terrorism and turn to violence?


This question is highlighting all but there is no answer to it.These boys who are the eyes of their parents gets good education and gets good jobs in India’s best companies are getting to terrorist activities and turn to a potential bomb. Why it so and what can be done to check the slow poison?


In Hyderabad one driver of the best IT Company of the world has been held by police on the suspicions of being a potential bomber. What would he gain by killing innocent Indians and may be some foreigners of that company? Is there any answer among the so called secular media personnel’s and politicians? Many boys from minority Muslims are turning terrorists as if they can create havoc among Indians and take their revenge. What revenge they want to take on innocent Indians? They are digging their own graves. They are slowly being outcastes in all the recruiting agencies who do not want to employ any Muslims as they fear that the person/boy or girl may be a terrorist and may cause harm to its credibility and company.


Also they lost all the trust with the security agencies of India who do not want to recruit them only with an apprehension that they may betray their trust/faith. So it is the lack of faith and trust for all the Muslims which would lead them to more unemployment and poverty. That apart from all these apprehensions it is also true that after any such incidents police gets track of that accused and goes after him which leads it to that company which employed them. So none of company in India and foreign are going to recruit any Muslims,so be highly educated and uneducated. They would suffer the curse of unemployment by their behavior and antecedents. The Muslims as whole have to accept the fact that due to the misdeeds of s few misguided and disgruntled elements who are brainwashed by the jihad terrorists through internet,CD,DVD and pamphlets with video clips of Gujarat riot.That it is also true that by the acts some Muslims all of them are now feels isolated and being blamed as traitors to the nation. They cannot hold their heads in high. Their credibility is lost by misdeeds and anti national acts of some few Muslim boys and clergyman. It is not a good symptom. It caused alienation of all the Muslims from mainstream politics and people. They cannot hold their heads in high out of shame and fear.But who would teach the all these. Our Media is silent in this aspect and watching degeneration of them and alienation of Muslims in the Indian society. It is true that all people in India are equal and not having any such status of second class citizen’s, albeit all the Hindus in Pakistan are having a status of second class citizens and the temples and gurudwaras of Hindu and Sikhs are demolished and occupied by Muslims .They enjoy as much freedom as any majority clan gets in our country. But the trauma is that they themselves remained in their cocoons and fails to accept the facts.

It would be better if the Muslims of India gets an awakening and change their attitudes. They can get their credibility and trustworthiness back if they would assimilate themselves with the mainstream and society. They can very well change their own fortunes if they would start to check the boys going to jihad and also hold their heads high.


APNA GHAR JALAKE TAMASHA DEKHNA BANDH KARO.Hindustan hum sabka hai.This should be ultimate motto of all the muslims.They should not be made scapegoats of crude politicians who are using them as sacrificial goats.


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