Open letter to Mr.Ram Jethmalani to save hindu in jail

MR.Ram Jethmalani,It is our sincere request that you should fight the case of all Hindu accused in Malegaon blast,Samjhauta Express Blast,Mecca maszid blast fabricated forged and conspired by Congress with the help of ATS CBI NIA and IB to float the charade that Hindus are terrorists and RSS BJP are training camps of Hindu terrorists. The speech by HM Shinde is in that direction. The main aim of the congress govt is that they will brand Hindus as terrorists and also brand RSS BJP as terrorist parties to put a ban on them at a opportune time when they would be at loss and cant fight election on the symbol of LOTUS.It seems to be true and factually correct.The Congress govt can go to any extent to bar BJP getting into power as they very well know that if BJP will come to power or gets simple majority Narendra Modi would be PM and when he would be PM then Congress will never came to power for another 1000 years in India and all corrupt congressman will be put in jail their ill gotten wealth & property confiscated for corruption all looted wealth hidden in foreign banks be retrieved and returned back to India.We have high apprehension that Sonia Gandhi will impose emergency by engineering communal riots on some parts and ban RSS BJP .We hope you can well understand our fears and predicaments.It is a matter of regret that the order of SC for trials of all cases within the specified period,Chargesheet be filed within specified period,NO UTP in jail without trial for longer than it meant for.But in the case of Sadhvi Pragyan Singh Thakur and Colonel Purohit all law as are violated by Govt, Prosecuting agencies, Investigating agencies.It is high time that an renowned Lawyer of BJP should fight free of cost the cases of hapless innocent Hindus and save them fro tyranny of a fascist communal Muslim govt at centre.We have high hopes on you and your ability to provide legal help for their save from incarceration. Also the cases be fast tracked and trial resumed with all earnestness by GOI and investigating/Prosecuting agencies.The evidenced be produced soon and verified.As there is no proof evidence the govt is delaying case till election to do some nasty things to BJP and RSS just before election.It is my presumption, may not be true but the circumstances and situation warranted me to think so.





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