remove mafia from india

What are we 125 crores Indian doing? Are we truly a democracy or autocracy mobocracy or colony of Italy? One foreign lady comes to India and now ruling 125 crores Indian by fascism. All pillars are democracy are seized and sabotaged. Nothing moves in India without waver of her hands.She is dictator in chief of India.She had buyed all Media persons,Judiciary and executives.CBI is in her hands.Now Mulayam also accepts that Sonia is abusing powers for her corrupt means and suppressing all.CBI is henchman of Sonia like Gestapo of Nazi Germany Hitler. Sonia is Hitler re-incarnate,PC is Himler.We are jews to be burnt alive in cauldrons.Abhi hum sab Raj tantra me hain yahan koi prajatantra nahi hain.we need to awake and throw bondage and rise like phoenix


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