Those who oppose banking transaction tax ought know that they are also supporters of adhar card,direct subsidy to beneficiary,bank transfer of all PDS/ Old age pensions etc.They want spread of banking all over india and also wants prices of all farmers produces be equal allover india to be paid to farmers directly and minimum support prices be ensured.It is needed to bring all people under banking network.Mnrega is also given through bank accounts.Wer are continuing with British system of taxes which has made us slaves of British for 200 years and who exploited extorted us.Present tax structure is full of loopholes and also generator of black money corruption.Now all people don’t want to pay taxes and evade taxes by all the means available to them and later hides the evaded tax in many unscrupulous things.Corrupts creates real estates and purchase golds.Corporates hide their surplus in tax havens of world.But middle class who pays taxes is burdened with more and more taxes as they are honest and don’t want to be labeled as dishonest.In india middle class is only sufferer as it pays maximum taxes.


Banking Transaction tax will remove all anomalies in tax structures and also remove corruption for which we have instituted Lokpal etc.After removal of all direct and indirect taxes all prices will fall very deep and people will be benefitted by lower prices in their purchases and save optimum in banks by surplus money and also pay BTT in all their savings. We are paying ttaxes on bank interests now which wont be paid and the BTT will take care of all the taxes. Income tax, Wealth Tax,Service tax,Excise duty will be bolshie by central govt as it si collected by central govt and Vat, Entry tax,octroi tax,Local Body tax will be abolished by state govts.All central and state machinaries constituted for collection of taxes be re-employed in all other sectors for creatin of development structures infrastructure developments and corruption will be eradicated. By abolition of al these direct and indirect taxes corruption will be eradicated and middle class will be benefitted mostly as well all traders will work without any fear favor and nepotism. They will work honestly and free from fear of arid by tax authorities. Now all the traders and corporate are always fearful of tax raids by IT and ST authorities as well political vendetta.

 Now a day’s any govt sends IT ST VAT raid parties to any corporates if he goes against the ruling party govt by any means and suppress them.By abolition of all the taxes a revolutionary change ensures free economy and remove inspector raj from India.BJP will get all middle class votes by abolition of all direct indirect taxes and win 350 seats defeating Congress and its stooge parties.BJP must not be cowed down by conspirators like Advani aging including Yashwant sinha who don’t want a BJP govt at centre and NAMO as PM.Wish BJP leadership takes this revolutionary steps for its own political upswing and also save people from vendetta by govt,parties,rulers and inspectors.   



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