VHP RSS cowards who dont save Hindu Sadhu Sadhvi from persecution of Italian mafia

It is a matter of regret that BJP RSS VHP is not fighting for justice to the detents of Malegaon blast case.Samjhauta Express case still now. The case is false or true will be decided by courts  and the matter is subjudice but why the case is not fast tracked and continuous hearing of the case is being done.The arrested are slapped with MOCOACA by ATS of Mumbai.But the case is not taking its steps as legal cases should have.The Charge sheet is not filed.The law prescribed for filing of charge sheet within a specific time of maximum of 6 months from date of arrest but in the case no charge sheet is filed since last 5 years.The Maharashtra Police is doing disservice to law by detention of the accused fo so long with being tried in proper court of law.CBI NIA are delaying the matter by putting nails in the case.When the case is being handled by ATS how it is not handled by CBI or NIA and if all these three agencies are investigating the case they should be amalgamated 2 one and file a broad CS on the case.The accused are denied bail by the courts although all the accused in similar cases are being granted bail as CBI NIA ATS did not objected granting of bail to the accused as they were Muslims and the accused in these cases are Hindus.So it is pure persecution witch hunt of hindus by a Muslim govts at centre and Maharashtra and all the security agencies are working like dogs of the muslims.one woman accused named Sadhvi Pragyan is being humiliated targeted and ill treated by  the police ATS NIA CBI and jail authorities and she is suffering from terminal illness.But Courts deny her bail.The law of land prescribed that no accused can be detained in jail as under trial prisoner if the charge sheet is not filed by the agencies concerned in due time.SC has also ordered it but lower courts working under the dictates of ruling party as if courts are under the ruling party. Now CBI arresting innocent persons by linking them in the case falsely fraudulently and give a bad name to Hindus as terrorists and fanatics. The govt is highly communal and anti Hindu by virtue of a Christian roman catholic woman as head of state being the president of AICC who is ruling by iron hands with a vindictive mindset. We urge all Hindu lawyers to fight for bails to the so called accused and also BJP RSS VP leaders to fight against brutality of Sonia Congress govt.The Congress has divided India on communal lines by acting against Hindus with a venegeance.Time coming for its death very near as Hindus are more vocal and polarized. The impossible thing has been done by Sonia by uniting, polarizing and consolidating Hindu voters to root out congress full and final.






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