Why Advani so hateful venomous antagonistic to Narendra Modi is every one asks. But what is fact no one knows. Advani is known as father figure of BJP brought BJP to 198 seats from 2 seats all says but is it work of Advani? There is no answer from any quarter as he has done nothing in that regard. It is Rama Janma Bhumi movement and demolition of so called Babri mosque of Ayodhya that polarized Hindus and consolidated their votes in favour of BJP and BJP came to power on 4 issues:-1.Rama temple at Ayodhya, 2.Abolition of 370, 3.Unifrm Civil code & 4.ban cow slaughter. But after getting power Advani stopped these issues thrown them in cold storage for political expedience and exigencies.


ABV is not a strong BJP leader but he was chosen as consensus candidate for PM by NDA as he is having a soft hindutva and advani was labeled as hard core Hindutva.But coalition politics forced LKA adopt soft hindutva and pampering Muslims and coalition secular partners for the sake of power.When Advani Praised Jinnah, who had created two nation on religion basis by going to his grave in Pakistan it was known that he is not a true Hindu but a fake one and secular power hungry, mischievous, cunning, manipulative BJP leader.


In 2004 LS election was preponed by six months by wrong advice by some leaders Pramod Mahajan,Sudheendra Kulkarni,Brajesh Mishra and ABV himself as they thought that wave is in their favour and they will sweep/win by a huge margin, but their betrayal of Hindus by stalling all these four issues for their selfish interests enraged Hindus all over India who changed their preference to Congress as they are angry on BJP NDA.In 2004 congress won by a very small numbers of seats but cobbled up coalition showing dangers of BJPs hardcore Hindutva and all regional parties and CPM CPI supported Congress. In 2004 BJP did not attempted seriously to allow all regional parties and Left front to elect their leader and install their PM assuring support from outside and allowed Congress Sonia to install their PM.In this time some thing fishy has done between Sonia and Advani to allow Congress Govt without any impediments.Sudheendra Kulkarni may be aware of the secret parleys.


In between 2004-2009 Congress usurped all powers into its ands stopped all developmental works initiated by NDA govt but citing NDA Govts rules they started doing loot of Govt property money and bribes.


In 2009 after left groups withdraw support Advani arranged support to Sonia under a secret agreement to withdraw all cases on advani in RJM cases.


In 2009 also there were opportunities if BJP would have attempted to allow 3rd front from the Govt with BJPs outside support.


In between 2004-2014 all BJP ruled states were snatched by Congress.Jharkhand,Karnataka,Himachal,Uttarakhand and serious attempts were made in Gujarat to implicate Narendra Modi in false and forged cases on 2002 riots for which several cases were filed mischievously by NGOs and  Muslims with Congress funds.Also Keshubhai Patel was engaged with huge funds to defeat Namo in assembly elections.


Not satisfied with all these sabotage and conspiracies Advani instigated JDU’s Sharad Yadav and Nitish Kumar to revolt and remove BJP from coalition ministry in Bihar which they did religiously. In Karnataka they defeated themselves deliberately to harass and put in Jail most promising CM in Southern states B.S.Yeddurappa and sabotaged so that he have to depart from BJP to form his own party.In the name of honesty and anti corruption, which Advani is surely not, as he also knows that without funds no party will win any election and Reddy brothers gave abundant money to SS LKA and AK.Still to coronate AK as CM of Gujarat they had sacrificed their only Govt in South and allowed PC to say in LS that Congress won in Karnataka by wisdoms of AK. So shameful for a BJP leader to listen that word by Congress minister who not only exposed him in LS but also shown real face of AK who is a member of inner group of LKA called D4.


Now when whole country is vibrating buzzing with NAMO he is obstructing objecting sabotaging conspiring to stop NAMO being named as BJP candidate for PM.Recently two public meetings in Ambikapur(CG) and Jaipur (Rajasthan) showed popularity of NAMO all over India, still that did not deter him from his rigid stands.


Recent happenings showed that Advani is losing his minds brains and run by a coterie of Prativa Advani,Sudheendra Kulkarni,Sushama Swaraj and Ananth Kumar.


I have serious reservations on his future course of action and which way he will turn to capture power at centre to become PM of India which his long time cherished dream and ambition.


Now it is known that Narendra Modi is horse of Ashwamedha Yagna of BJP and he will be sacrificed like the horse after he travelled whole India and bring power to BJP.And it may be true seeing the circumstances happenings going on in BJP.


BJP is a party of cadres,workers unlike Congress,SP,BSP,BJD,TMC,JDU and voice of workers forced leadership to chose Narendra Modi as PM candidate by BJP PB.


I am inclined to think that it may be true as SS, LKA, AK and D4 have not condemned Nitish Kumar JDU’S Sharad Yadav and Bihar govt although an attempt on life of the so called horse has been made by Nitish Kumar in Patna with his tacit understanding instructions and connivance with the perpetrators of crime and now started blame game on BJP saying it is done by BJP.


I have serious doubts on capabilities,intentions and transparency by Rajnath Singh, national BJP president also who shows as a supporter of Narendra Modi but seems he is using him for his own selfish games as he also did not condemned Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav and JDU and their workers who perpetrated the crime.


Recently in his speech Advani did not gave any credit to Namo for the resounding victory of BJP  in all 4 states which was not possible if he would not have nominated as PM candidate by BJP PB and he won’t have canvassed for BJP candidates in all these 4 states day and night although he was sick and drained by 24×7 tour and massive crowd mobilization severe threat on his life.I am highly aggrieved to note that Advani is still highly angry on NAMO for snatching his PM post and did not give credit to him although vasundhara, Shivraj singh, Raman singh and Harshvardhan acknowledged his labours for the victory of BJP in all the states.Advani showed his mean mindedness and hatred for namo.But people of India wont forgive advani and will defeat him in election where ever he stands and all BJP fight for him but as a saboteur conspirator and anti modi leader he is destined to be defeated in LS election.






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