we regret silence of L.K.Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Ananth Kumar, Arun jaitely who did not cared to meet Prime Minister with demand for providing SPG security to Narendra Modi although Home Minister declined to give him SPG protection saying he given enough security but that is not enough as IB reports says his life is under threat from dreaded terrorists ISI Dawood gang and also many Muslim gangsters who want eliminate Modi from earth.If PM wont listen to their request then they should approach President of India and request force the Govt to give Narendra Modi SPG protection as a state police force cant take over his security effectively.Although Gujarat Police taken up adequate measures but the enemy is more dreaded with ISI powers and Dawood’s master shooters.In the next 200 days life of Narendra Modi is under severe risk and no state machinery can protect him from a international gangster.We request all BJP leaders to meet PM and President to consider the situation and entrust SPG protection to Narendra Modi immediately else if any thing happens to him then Congress will not get a single seat in India and also the country will be devastated by riot, civil war, massacre.Although we knows few BJP leaders also want him dead as a sacrificial goat to get to power on sympathy votes and PM ship to LKA but we will lose visionary leader who will make India super power in 0 years by eliminating all parties from India which LKA lacks.RNS today said that no power on earth can change BJP resolution of declaration of NAMO as PM but death can snatch the resolution and RNS cant do anything except cry.So it is time for BJP leadership to force GOVT to provide him SPG protection and all his meetings rally be scanned before 24 hours by all SPG people to save him from plans by ISI Dawood as media articles says.We hope MMS will not risk lose a visionary leader statesman like NAMO by assassination.



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